IMI Event Policy

Internal and U of T Partnered Events

Refers to any school, department, office or committee that is a part of the organization and/or governance structure of The University of Toronto.  These events are activities that involve and are planned for faculty, staff, University departments, recognized Students Clubs or Societies and Alumni and are primarily for members of the University but can include external partners.

Roles and responsibilities when planning an IMI or Management event will include:

  • Initial planning and securing appropriate space
  • Program design, webpage design and creative input including any logo design
  • Marketing and publicity, social media messaging
  • Sales and delegate management 
  • Financial management and reporting 
  • Production, technology, staging, food and beverage
  • On-the-day services 

When IMI shares an event with another Department in this category, a Memo of Understanding must be developed between IMI and the chosen partner.  Before any planning begins the MOU will clearly list:

  • The division of labour and responsibilities of each partner involved
  • Specific and binding agreements of cost allocation
  • Discussion on the use of our logo on all promotional materials and social media messaging
  • Ability to hand out IMI marketing tools to attendees
  • Mention of support in event programs
  • Choice to have speaking time at the podium

External Groups Who Partner with IMI

Refers to an event that is in support of the Institute for Management & Innovation, aligns with the IMI Strategic Plan, and is mutually beneficial to both IMI and the external group. 

Criteria required in order to consider a partnership is as follows:

  • The event must create opportunities and increase awareness for IMI
  • There must be a solid connection between the speakers, guests or research all sharing common goals and objectives
  • The partnership must be a mutually beneficial collaboration
  • All communications, marketing and social media must be approved by IMI before it is posted
  • The organizer responsible for the event must be a minimum of 21 years of age

IMI will work with the partner(s) on the following :

  • A contract will be developed to clearly outline shared planning, workload and budget strategy which will be mutually understood and accepted before moving forward with planning
  • To determine and secure the appropriate space
  • Assist with program design, webpage design and creative input including any logo design
  • Assist with marketing and publicity, social media messaging
  • Assist with production, technology, staging, food and beverage
  • Assist with on-the-day services

IMI will:

  • Be involved in discussions on the use of our logo on all promotional materials and social media messaging
  • Have the ability to hand out IMI marketing tools to attendees at a designated table
  • Be mentioned in event programs
  • Choose to have speaking time at the podium
  • Ensure the appropriate insurance certificates are on file and amended to include “The Governing Council of The University of Toronto” as additional insured
  • Require parental consent forms and photo release forms must be confirmed if working with minors or school groups (if it is a Board sanctioned event, the Board must provide proof of parental consent and photo consent)
  • If tickets sales are generated for the event, space rental fees may apply
  • Ensure partners are following all University policies and procedures

All partnering groups must abide by the Terms and Conditions outlined in the Event Application Form

External Group or Organizations with no Affiliation to IMI

Refers to a meeting or event that is sponsored by one or more external users and does not meet the criteria to be classified as a co-sponsored event or a department hosted event.

These inquiries will be directed to Conference and Event Services.

Terms and Conditions

The following "Terms and Conditions" are incorporated into, and form part of, the booking agreement, as agreed to upon submission of your event booking request:

  • The event will be conducted in a safe and orderly manner.
  • The event will be restricted to the assigned area.
  • The event will not interfere with UTM operations or other members of the UTM community.
  • UTM provides the use of Campus space on the basis that the space is restored to its original condition at the end of each event.  The event organizer will be responsible for any property damage and loss of equipment that occur as a result of the event. Damages and losses will be assessed, and applicable costs billed to the event organizer.
  • The event organizer will be present for the duration of the event and will be responsible for leaving the area clean and litter free.
  • Participants who plan to bring vehicles on Campus must pay for parking by obtaining a ticket from the Pay and Display Machines.  The University of Toronto Mississauga is not responsible for parking violations, citations, or fines accrued by conference participants.
  • UTM expressly prohibits the use of candles, fog/smoke machines, dry ice and helium balloons on Campus.  The use of scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape and painters tape is prohibited on doors, walls or glass surfaces in all buildings and classrooms on Campus.  Flipcharts, easels and portable signs are available upon request for signs and displays.
  • UTM is not responsible for any lost or stolen items from the classrooms or meeting areas.
  • Smoking and/or vaping are not permitted on the University property

Failure to adhere to the Terms and Conditions may result in the withdrawal of IMI’s support of the event and may further result in the denial of any future requests from the same group or organization.

IMI Event Application Form

To partner with IMI and book an event, please fill out the following form: IMI Event Application Form

Completed forms can be printed and delivered/submitted in-person to:

Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI)
University of Toronto Mississauga, Innovation Complex
3359 Mississauga Road
Mississauga, ON  L5L 1C6
905-569-4565 |