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Events at IMI

The Institute for Management and Innovation and our Programs offer a range of interdisciplinary, inclusive events that engage people in learning, inspire innovation, and foster networks of diverse thinkers from many areas, industries and sectors.

From engaging virtual and hybrid events to in-person events with networking and hands-on learning, IMI's events address the world's wickedest problems, and provide space to foster innovation and connection.

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News & Media at IMI

At IMI, our faculty, staff and students are engaged in innovative programming, leading-edge research, community partnerships, experiential learning, and interdisciplinary projects.

Our Faces of IMI series showcases the people who make IMI what it is; students, staff and faculty who represent all that our community represnts.

Our IMI Inspires series tells he stories of the activities, accomplishments, milestones, projects and partnerships underway.

Our IMI Impact: Research and Discovery Series highlights the research and scholarship undertaken by our world-class faculty and post-docs.

To speak with someone at IMI on current affairs, please reach out to Claire Westgate.

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