IMI Faculty Publications & Awards

IMI's faculty and affiliated faculty publish regularly in top journals, contribute to articles, speak at conferences, and receive awards and grants for their innovative work.  

IMI Faculty Publications: 2022-24


Ann Armstrong

Some Counsel to Doctoral Students from a Naïve and Shell-shocked Academic, forthcoming (June 2023). Robinson, A. Bristow, and O. Ratle, (eds.) Doing Academic Careers Differently – Portraits of Academic Life, Routledge. 

Shauna Brail

Shauna Brail

Brail, S. 2022. COVID-19 and the Future of Urban Policy and Planning. Current History, 121 (838), 298-303. DOI:

Brail, S. and Kleinman, M. 2022. Impacts and Implications for the Post-Covid City: The Case of Toronto. Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, 1-19. DOI:

Noga Keidar, Mark Fox, Odeya Friedman, Yair Grinberger, Tharaa Kirresh, Yang Li, Yaara Rosner Manor, Diego Rotman, Emily Silverman & Shauna Brail (2023) Progress in Placemaking, Planning Theory & Practice, DOI: 10.1080/14649357.2023.2286131

Moin JS, Vigod SN, Plumptre L, et al. Sex differences among children, adolescents and young adults for mental health service use within inpatient and outpatient settings, before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: a population-based study in Ontario, Canada BMJ Open 2023;13:e073616. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2023-073616
Brail, S., & Lorinc, J. (2023). Rebuilding Public Housing in Regent Park: The Shifting Dynamics of Financialized Redevelopment Models. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 0(0).
Vinodrai, T., & Brail, S. (2023). Cities, COVID-19, and counting. Big Data & Society, 10(2).
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Brett Caraway


Palter, J. & Caraway, B. (2003). Understanding the approaches taken by private ski clubs in Southern Ontario to address climate change and sustainability, Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. DOI:


 Ningyuan Chen


Alizamir, Saed, Ningyuan Chen, Sang-Hyun Kim, and Vahideh Manshadi. "Impact of network structure on new service pricing." Mathematics of Operations Research 47, no. 3 (2022): 1999-2033.  

Chen, Ningyuan, and Guillermo Gallego. "A primal–dual learning algorithm for personalized dynamic pricing with an inventory constraint." Mathematics of Operations Research 47, no. 4 (2022): 2585-2613. 

Xiong, Yi, Ningyuan Chen, Xuefeng Gao, and Xiang Zhou. "Sublinear regret for learning POMDPs." Production and Operations Management 31, no. 9 (2022): 3491-3504. 



Rafael Chiuzi


Chiuzi, Rafael (2023) "Tri-Party Collaborative Course Design: Proposal of a Framework for Higher Education Courses," International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Vol. 17: No. 2, Article 6.
Available at:


 Laura Derksen


Derksen, L., Muula, A. and van Oosterhout, J. (2002).  Love in the time of HIV: How beliefs about externalities impact health behaviour. Journal of Development Economics, 159. DOI: 


Ruben Gaetani


Gaetani, R. and Berkes, E. "Income Segregation and the Rise of the Knowledge Economy". American Economic Journal (Applied Economics), Volume 15, No. 2, April 2023, Pages 69-102


Jody Grewal


Grewal, J., Mohan, A. and Perez-Cavazos, G. (2024). "Payment Practice Transparency and Customer-Supplier Dynamics". Journal of Accounting Research, 62 (2).

Shashi Kant

Shashi Kant

Filewod, B., Kant, S., MacDonald, H., and McKenney, D. 2023. Decision biases and environmental attitudes among conservation professionals. Conservation Science and Practice, April 2023, e12921.

Kant, S., and Vertinsky, I. 2022. The anatomy of social capital of a Canadian indigenous community: Implications of social trust field experiments for community-based forest management. Forest Policy and Economics, Volume 144, November 2022,

Dai, Z., Hou, Y., Kant, S. and Ma, B. 2022. The influence of China’s protected areas policy on households’ risk perception, forest investment, and revenue. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 30, 27799–27814 (2023).

Yiwen, Z., Kant, S., & Vertinsky, I. (2024). Enhancing stakeholder engagement in sustainable forest management: A multi-domain comparative analysis of forest-related beliefs, values, and behaviors of Canadian Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal groups. Sustainable Development, 1–20. 

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Soo Min Toh

Toh, S. M., & DeNisi, A. S. (Eds.). (2022). Expatriates and managing global mobility. Routledge.

Tara Vinodrai

Tara Vinodrai


Vinodrai, T., Nader, B.* and Drake, N.* 2023. Planning for the cultural economy: Lessons from Ontario, Canada. Planning Practice and Research, 38(2): 159-176. DOI:

Collishaw, S., Moos, M., Vinodrai, T. 2023. Does subsidized housing facilitate more sustainable commute patterns? Insights from Canadian metropolitan areas, Housing Policy Debate

Vinodrai, T., & Brail, S. (2023). Cities, COVID-19, and counting. Big Data & Society, 10(2).

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Minlei Ye


Minlei Ye (2023), "The Theory of Auditing Economics: Evidence and Suggestions for Future Research", Foundations and Trends® in Accounting: Vol. 18: No. 3, pp 138-267.

Ye, M. (2023). The theory of auditing economics : evidence and suggestions for future research. Now Publishers.


Marius Zoican

Brolley, M. and Zoican, M. "On-demand fast trading on decentralized exchanges" Finance Research Letters, Volume 51, January 2023. DOI:

IMI Faculty Awards, Grants & Appointments: 2022-23

Ann Armstrong has been appointed to the advisory council for the new Institute of Inclusive Economies at UTSC , and to Sitti Soap's International Board (Sitti was incubated at ICUBE!)

Laurel Besco is part of the team awarded a $24 million grant for developing community-tailored clean energy technologies

Shauna Brail received the grant: Co-Investigator, UCL and UofT Strategic Challenges Fund, Critical Dialogues of the Post-Covid City: Urban challenges and sustainable transformations in London and Toronto, with Susannah Bunce and Nicola Livingstone (PIs) and Susan Moore, Michael Short, Alan Walks (Co-Investigators). 

Ningyuan Chen won the Roger Martin Award for Excellence in Research at Rotman

Gabe Eidelman released a new report series published by the School of Cities/IMFG on the role of municipalities in housing, economic development, and climate policy, with other topics forthcoming, all available at

Ruben Gaetani’s co-authored paper “The Geography of Unconventional Innovation” was awarded the 2021 Austin Robinson Memorial Prize

Shashi Kant was awarded a Faculty Funding Grant from the Mobility Network for his work on Estimation of Carbon Emissions from Community of Employees and Students to the UTM Campus

Yue Li was awarded the 2023 Distinguished Contributions to Accounting Literature Award from the American Accounting Association

Andrew Steck’s paper "Industry Dynamics with Social Learning: Evidence from Hydraulic Fracturing" was a finalist (top 5) for the 2022 Young Economist Essay Award by the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics.

Tara Vinodrai and Ben Spigel earned Entrepreneurship & Regional Development’s Best Paper Award 2021 for their paper on how the collapse of Blackberry affected Waterloo’s entrepreneurial Ecosystem 

Irene Wiecek won the George Baxter Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Canadian Academic Accounting Association

Otto Yung received the Certificate in Effective University Instruction from ACUE (CTSI) - Ceremony with VP and Provost