Research & Partnerships

In the complexity of the pressing challenges facing our societies, finding innovative solutions demands fresh perspectives, a transformational mindset, and collaborative approaches. 

The Institute for Management and Innovation is uniquely poised for advanced partnerships and research across disciplines.  Focused on novel collaboration approaches, opportunities exist to connect and work together with our faculty and graduate students in many ways.  Explore our research focus areas and our partnership mechanisms below.

Research at IMI

Explore the research underway with our Faculty, Affiliated Faculty and Post-Doctoral Researchers.  

Learn about our areas of specialty in research, including healthy communities, sustainability, big data and artificial intelligence and more.

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 Partnerships with IMI

Explore partnerships with our Academic Programs, including hiring students and working with capstone projects. 

Learn about ways to connect to our Hubs and Initiatives, including Executive Education, our BIGDataAIHUB Events and Entrepreneurship.

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