Faculty Research Awards

A central mission of the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI) is to promote rigorous academic research that can ultimately be translated into policy and practice. The objective of this grant opportunity was to encourage interdisciplinary, intersectoral, and international research collaboration and exchanges, with the ultimate goal of working to foster a collaborative IMI research culture.  This competition provided small “seed” grants to research projects that fulfill IMI’s mandate of advancing interdisciplinary, collaborative, and impactful research projects.

Congratulations to the researchers whose projects were funded in our 2019 competition!

  • Ann Armstrong (and Laurie Mook and John Whitman), “B Lab Certification: An Analysis of Risk Mitigation and Opportunity Creation”

  • Daniel Goetz (and Avi Goldfarb), “AI and Machine Learning in Starcraft”

  • Lisa Kramer, “Human Nature and Animal Modeling in Drug Development”

  • Nico Lacetera, “Research Workshop in Entrepreneurship and Experimental Economics”

  • Xiao Zian and Phani Radhakrishnan, “To Cope with Stressors at Workplace and at Home”