Call for Research Proposals


IMI Call for Research Proposals

The Institute for Management and Innovation is pleased to offer its 2023 faculty grant competition this spring. A central mission of the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI) is to promote rigorous academic research that can ultimately be translated into policy and practice. The objective of this grant opportunity is to encourage interdisciplinary, intersectoral, and international research collaboration and exchanges, with the ultimate goal of working to foster a collaborative IMI research culture.  We welcome proposals from teams of faculty and graduate students (Masters, PhD, Postdocs) within the IMI and UTM community working in the broadly defined areas of management of responsible innovations of all types, including human, social, and organizational processes. We are particularly eager to receive proposals that relate to burgeoning IMI research clusters in sustainability; health & biotechnology; healthy & liveable communities; big data & artificial intelligence; and social innovation; diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizations.

The funds may be used as “seed” money for a project (e.g., funds for a research assistant or access to datasets), for research-related outreach activities (such as organizing working groups or conference), or for the development of policy briefs, innovative pedagogical approaches or aids, or technologies. The value of the grant is a maximum of $5,000. However, funding is limited and will be determined by the number of proposals received. We will make a decision about funding within 2-3 weeks of the deadline.

To support IMI’s mission of translating rigorous research for the use of practitioners, policy makers, and managers, grant recipients will be expected to prepare a short report of the completed activity and/or give a brief presentation on the research at a research event organized by IMI. IMI will publicize the research on its website and in social media campaigns.

To apply, please send a two-page proposal to with the subject line “IMI Mini Grant 2023” by April 14, 2023. The proposal should include the following:

  • Current CV of the PI
  • A description of the research activity, how it aligns IMI’s research mandate, and how it speaks to research cluster themes, if applicable.
  • A brief mention of how research projects consider principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the research design, environment, and/or training and mentoring
  • Budget justification of the budget items