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Welcome IMI Faculty to the New E-Approach to Learning….

iLearning Team @ IMI

The IMI iLearning Team is a technical group created to support IMI and DoM Faculty on the strategizing and design of their online courses. We intend to function as a sounding board where instructors can present, discuss, benchmark, and improve their online courses benefiting from different perspectives and expertise. By using a diversity of approaches and ideas, we hope to strengthen our collective online-teaching skills and positively impact our students.

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Here is how to use this group to your advantage:

  1. Explore: Make sure you explore all the available material on UTM Teach Anywhere Quercus and also on Teaching and Learning Online at Rotman. You will find useful information there to get you started.
  2. Give it a try: Design your online course using your Quercus sandbox and draft your syllabus.
  3. Discuss: Book an appointment* with our group to discuss your course design. It will be preferable if you can send any relevant information beforehand. If you prefer, you can also share any information from your screen during the meeting as well.

A recent article in Forbes offers some insight into the effectiveness of online learning. Researchers have begun comparing how efficient online learning can be to classroom education.

A study from California State University studied two different sets of students—one group who studied online and the other who went to class—who received the same instruction from the same professor fared equally well in terms of performance. However, the study revealed that online students were less intimidated about participating, and there was more interaction between students and the professor.

Also online classes are more likely to present material in attention-grabbing, multimedia formats that may be better suited to today’s students!

How can we help…. IMI has put compiled a list of resources available to you to make the most of this new venture!

Contact Information

*The iLearning Team can be reached at

Soo Min TohSoftware Platforms

Syllabus Preparation

Engagement of Participants

Tip Statements by Experienced Users

Pedagogical suggestions

Online Teaching Support

Teach Anywhere

woman working on laptopThe Teach Anywhere Team covers tips, tools and strategies to make the most of your teaching and student learning online experience successful.

Where to start – there is a summary of preparing to meet virtually to connecting electronic readying to your syllabus. The site helps you with the technical approach as well as the policies of the University.

Faculty interested in collaborating with a librarian to develop course materials, assess information literacy-related learning outcomes, or explore other areas of interest are welcome to contact a Liaison Librarian or schedule a consultation appointment.



Online Faculty Help Sessions are every Mondays from 12 - 1 pm.

Join us every Thursday from 3-4pm until the end of June for information on a specific topic such as assignment design, activities, inclusive pedagogy, exam formats, etc.

Find the link in the Quercus Teach Anywhere course or email Ann Gagne or Fiona Rawle for the link.

The publicly available UTM Teach Anywhere Quercus information is available at

If you are a UTM instructor who is currently teaching this semester, you should be able to access the UTM Teach Anywhere course by logging into Quercus at with your UTORid and password.

Upcoming Webinars

Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre

Community building is an important component to remote course delivery. The Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre will address the similarities and differences between in-person and online community building and provide strategies and tools for instructors and teaching assistants to use to foster an engaging community and support classroom management Teaching and Learning Support for Instructors. They also offer support for UTM instructors seeking assistance with projects related to teaching and learning. They welcome opportunities to work with:

  • individual instructors;
  • groups of instructors;
  • teaching assistants; and
  • departments.


Teaching Online at Rotman

The resources included in these pages are designed to be a one-stop-shop for information about online course design, digital teaching tools, and Quercus.

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