Past Events

BIO 2014: Continuing the Partnership with the City of Mississauga

BIO is the world’s leading biotechnology conference and is held annually in different biotech hubs across North America.  This June BIO was held in San Diego and attracted over 10,000 attendees from across the globe.  This conference draws together biotech and pharmaceutical businesses of all sizes, financial institutions, venture capitalists, academic institutions and relevant government partners. The Master of Biotechnology program has been either an exhibitor or an attendee of this conference for the past 13 years. 

This year we felt IMI deserved it’s own presence at the conference. By partnering with the City of Mississauga and the Province of Ontario we secured a booth within the Ontario Pavilion and worked closely with the City to ensure we represented Mississauga and the outstanding talent pool that IMI is creating through our sector specific management programs.  We specifically highlighted the Master of Management in Innovation (MMI), Master of Biotechnology (MBiotech) and Master of Sustainability (MScSM) Programs to a great deal of interest. 

Mayor Hazel McCallion, who attends BIO annually, highlighted the importance of UTM's close partnership with the city and the excitement that IMI is creating.

Mayor McCalion with IMI team at Bio
IMI Booth at BIO

(L-R: Tony Lamantia, Donna Heslin, Helen Filipe, Mayor McCallion, Darren Lum-MBiotech 2015, Susan Amring, Julia Hong-MMI 2014)

Frontiers in the Economics of Organizations and Markets: Theory, Applications and Methods

On Friday May 9th, 2014 IMI hosted the second edition of the workshop “Frontiers in the Economics of Organizations and Markets: Theory, Applications and Methods”.

More than ninety scholars from the University of Toronto and other Southern Ontario Universities attended the event which featured presentations by five leading international researchers recognized to have made significant contributions to the study of the economics of organization and markets.

The invited speakers were Susan Athey (Stanford), Raj Chetty (Harvard), Jeff Ely (Northwestern), Michael Greenstone (MIT) and Andrea Prat (Columbia).

MMI Conference

Educating Professionals: Ethics and Judgment in a Changing Learning Environment

On March 5th, 2014, the University of Toronto, Mississauga hosted a symposium which was jointly sponsored by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI) and the CPA/Rotman Centre for Innovation in Accounting Education. The symposium provided a wonderful opportunity to come together to discuss the issues across several professions including Health Care, Engineering, Law, Education and Accounting.

Fundamental questions that were discussed at the symposium included: How do the various professions define professional judgment? How do the concepts of ethics and judgment pertain to different professions? How can educators help students develop these very important abilities? How does the changing educational environment offer new opportunities for enhanced learning in these areas? The conference was chaired by Irene Wiecek and included speakers from across Canada. For each profession, at least two perspectives were presented – the academic perspective and the practitioner perspective. Those who attended the symposium worked in groups to encourage reflective discussion.

Some good ideas emerged, for example, placing greater emphasis in the curriculum on helping students to understand the importance in society of being a professional and to understand that being a professional means more than having mastery of a technical body of knowledge.

The proceedings of the symposium will be published and made available. The goal is to keep the discussion going.

MMPA Conference