Faces of IMI: Phillip Simango

Faces of IMI - Phillip Simango

January 20, 2023

Phillip is a student in the Master of Management of Innovation program at IMI. He serves as a class representative on the IMI Graduate Student Committee and sits on the IMI GSC Communications Committee. 

 Phillip completed his Bachelor of Engineering degree at Technological University Dublin (Ireland), where he discovered his love for working with others and his passion for collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds. He is a natural leader who enjoys cultivating the potential in his peers and colleagues.  

Beyond academia, Phillip is a musician, artist, and entrepreneur. In 2016, he founded a successful visual arts company, Kxngdom Visuals, and has worked with clients in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the US.  Additionally, he volunteers weekly at his church, Transforming Life Centre, as an active member of the youth, young adults, and worship ministries. 

Following graduation, Phillip hopes to work in the tech industry and plans to explore other entrepreneurial opportunities. 

What attracted you to the MMI Program?  

The MMI program was attractive to me because it offered an MBA-style degree program in a short period of time. Additionally, the success of the program’s alumni indicated a proven track record of helping students from STEM backgrounds advance into upper management positions later in their careers.  

What does a day in the life of an MMI student look like?

The typical day of an MMI student at face value is not heavily demanding, averaging approximately 12-15 contact hours per week. The bulk of the load from the program in a typical week comes from the time commitment to complete assignments, group projects, coffee chats, information sessions and professional development. It certainly is not a mere “walk in the park” but a unique challenge for those who are up to the task.    

What inspired the inception of Kxngdom Visuals? Can you tell us a bit about what’s behind it? 

The inception of Kxngdom Visuals came from the concept of the “Kingdom of God” as described in the Bible. In Christianity, the entire concept of the kingdom of God is quite broad and deep, but one of its core attributes is excellence and beauty. My desire for my business was for my work to reflect the kingdom of God as a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and as a follower of Jesus Christ. The work that I produce under the ‘Kxngdom Visuals’ name, should be nothing short of excellent, as well as a thing of beauty. I tend to receive many questions about why the name of the company is spelled “Kxngdom” and not “Kingdom”. The X represents the cross of Jesus Christ.  

What are your goals post-graduation?

My interests are quite far-reaching, from volunteering to music to entrepreneurship to visual arts. Following my completion of the MMI program, I hope to enter the corporate tech space and be involved in high-impact projects on an organizational level, primarily focused on organizational structure, DEI-related issues and to hopefully work towards an upper management position. I also plan to pursue additional business ventures outside of academia in line with my interests, perhaps with a focus on essential services. Lastly, I would love to film a documentary project showcasing the immense work involved in running a crusade event somewhere in the world. 

Who is your favourite artist? 

I don’t have a set “favourite” per se - it all depends on my mood in the moment. That said, I’m currently listening to an amazing musician called Anomalie and a group based out of Ottawa, called “Bridge Music”.