Faces of IMI: Mohammad Tahvili

Mohammad Tahvili

December 20, 2023

In his current role as the Creative Studio Lead at ICUBEUTM, Mohammad expertly manages marketing and technology projects for various ventures. He provides invaluable insights during one-on-one advisory sessions, covering a range of topics such as business development, marketing, branding, website and app development, and artificial intelligence. During his tenure at ICUBEUTM, he has been pivotal in leading the Inspire AI project and in the branding and website development for the Africa Higher Education Health Collaborative.

Adding to his impressive career, Mohammad also serves as a mentor at Humber College, where he continues to share his knowledge and experience to guide and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

What first sparked your interest in entrepreneurship? What was the first project that really defined your trajectory as a “serial entrepreneur”?  

It's interesting because I didn't start out labeling myself as an entrepreneur. My journey began more as an exploration – I was this artsy kid, fascinated by the internet. My first project was a personal website I created at the age of 11, just to share my thoughts. What surprised me was how people noticed not just the content but the design. That's when it clicked – I realized that I could offer something unique. My first company evolved from there, and along the way, I started seeing myself not just as a business owner but as someone who was really into the art of creating businesses. 

Your diverse portfolio truly aligns with the mission and values by which ICUBE operates. What is the most important value for you when it comes to social innovation?

In social innovation, especially at ICUBE, I've always gravitated towards accessibility and diversity. These are areas that are close to my heart because of my own life experiences. For instance, working on projects that improve digital accessibility has taught me a lot. It's not just about innovative ideas but making sure they're inclusive. This personal connection to the issues makes the work more meaningful and drives a lot of what I do.

You're in the midst of the launch of a very exciting new platform, Inspire AI. Can you tell us about the purpose of the product?

Inspire AI is this exciting project though which we're bringing AI tools to incubators and accelerators. The idea sparked during the rise of ChatGPT. We thought, why not use similar AI technology to help startups grow? So, we developed features like AI-driven chats, expert knowledge access, and market research tools. Our aim is to make AI a partner in innovation, helping businesses boost their productivity and creativity.  

What would you say is the best part of your job?

I love every aspect of my job, but the most rewarding part is seeing startups transform. There’s this incredible moment when an idea turns into a successful business. For example, watching a small team evolve into a competitive player in their industry- with our help in branding, strategy and technology, is incredibly fulfilling. It's these successes that really highlight the impact of our work at ICUBE.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

For aspiring entrepreneurs, my advice is to never underestimate the power of good market research and teamwork. I've learned from my own experiences, including a few setbacks, how crucial it is to understand your market deeply. Also, remember that it's okay to ask for help. Having a strong team can turn your vision into reality. Each challenge is a learning opportunity on your entrepreneurial journey.