Summary of Changes

Drupal 10

This is a summary of what's new, what's changed, and what has been removed from the UTM Drupal 10 framework. Effective: October 28, 2023

What's New


What's Changed

  • CKEditor 5
    • CKEditor has moved to version 5 in Drupal 10. Toolset offered to editors is the same. There are slight differences in the look and workflow for some of the tools.
    • Look & Feel
      • Icons for some tools look different.
      • Dialogs has been replaced by inline contextual balloons.
        • Settings and options related to each tool is now within the contextual tool bars.
    • Elements & Styles
      • Styles are only available for the specific element it can be applied to. This has always been the case but it is stricter in CKE5.
        • ie, If you wish to apply a header style, you must first ensure the content is a header.
      • See Pre-defined Styles for details
    • Content Grid
      • No longer need to setup containers and columns individually
      • All combinations currently available are predefined and can be picked from the list.
      • See Content Grid for details.
    • Calendar
      • Can no longer freely pick month and year. List only offers current month + 11 months into the future.
      • See Calendar for details.
    • Anchor Links
      • There is a new method for linking to anchors
      • See Anchor Links for details. 
    • Linked Media
      • Media can now be linked within the media contextual tool set.
    • Table
      • Inserted with the grid tool instead of providing number of columns and rows
    • Ordered Lists
      • Can now be set in reverse and set a starting point
  • Social Media (Connect with Us) 

What's Gone

  • Legacy D7 Image Grids
    • D7 Image grids has been deprecated since D9. The legacy support for it is gone in D10.
    • If you are still using legacy D7 image grids, you will need to use Call to Action Grids instead.
    • See Call to Action Grid for details