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How do I log into my Drupal 10 website?

Add “/user” to the end of the live website URL, then log in with your UTORid credentials.*

For example, if your live site URL is, your login URL will be

*NOTE: If you are off-campus, you must connect via VPN to access your page. You may also need to connect via VPN depending on your wired connection.

Read more about logging in and the UTM VPN.



Why are my recent updates not showing up on the live website?

There can be a delay between the time you update your website content and the time it takes to display on your live website (up to 10 minutes).

This delay is expected behaviour in the D9 environment, and this caching mechanism helps to keep all of the UTM sites running as fast as possible. If you run into a caching delay, we recommend that you clear your cache and refresh your web browser after a few minutes in order to view your latest changes. If you don’t see those changes reflected on the live site yet, wait another few minutes, and then try again (repeating the cache clearing/web browser refresh).

Read more about How to perform a hard refresh and Cache.



How do I add a Hero Image?

Below is a short summary of how to make and display Hero Images.

  1. Add the image to the Hero Image type (Manage > Content > Media > +Add Media > Hero Image)
  2. Create the Hero Image (Manage > Structure > Custom Block Library > +Add custom block > Hero Image)
  3. Add to the Hero Image Display (Manage > Structure > Custom Block Library), click the Edit button when you find the Hero Image Display.  Pro-tip: you can use the Block type drop-down menu and look for the Hero Image Display and click "Apply" to find this faster
  4. Start typing in the name of the Hero Image into one of the four available slots. You can rearrange using the navigational arrows; simply drag the Hero Image you want to display in the first, second, third and fourth slots. Scroll down and Save
  5. Click home to bring you back to your home page and your Hero Images will display in your desired order

Read more about Hero Images and Hero Image Displays for full instructions, specifications, and best practices.



How do I add text below my CTA grids?

  1. Click Layout
  2. Click in the main content section click "+ Add block" 
  3. Click "+ Create custom block"
  4. Click "Basic block"
  5. Add a Title (displaying the title is optional), add body text, and click "Add block"
  6. Scroll up and click "Save Layout"

Read more about Layouts.



Why are some breadcrumb items not linked?

A breadcrumb item will only be a link if the path alias it leads to is valid. It will use the menu item's title when available, and the page title for fallback.

A breadcrumb will determine if a page alias is valid by checking if the alias generated based on the menu title matches the destination alias (path of the page).

Here is a short list of things that can affect mismatch of titles/paths that the breadcrumb will render as invalid:

  1. The menu item title does not match the page title 
  2. There is a custom path alias for the page that does not match or was not generated by the page title
  3. There are redirects (generated from editing of page titles if set to automatic) set up for the page that causes the path alias to be mismatched

Please ensure that the menu title matches the title of the page and that the URL alias setting on the page is set to "Generate automatic URL alias".

If you need assistance, reach out to web content support.

Read more about the breadcrumb.