D7 - D9 Migration Checklist

If your site migrated from D7, it is highly recommended that you review this list and perform these necessary revisions to your sites before October 31, 2022:

Hero Images

  • Hero Images have to be recreated and placed into the new Hero Image Display
    • If you were using the Hero Image feature prior, each Hero Image needs to be recreated (images need to be re-uploaded) and added to the new Hero Image Display block. 
    • See Hero Image documentation for details.

Call to Action Blocks

  • CTA blocks have to be placed
    • CTAs will be migrated over, so there is no need to recreate them. However, the regions CTA used to be in have been removed, so they need to be reassigned to pages and placed in a new area using the Basic Page Layout
    • See BlocksCall to Action, and Basic Page for details.
  • Clean up old unused CTAs
    • Existing CTAs will be brought over. A clean up of old unused CTAs is highly recommended, in order to keep the list of available blocks manageable.
    • See Custom Block Library for details.


  • Webforms
    • Webforms have to be re-created and re-placed. 
    • Important to note that captcha is now required to be added as a field in each form.
    • See Webforms for details.

Rich Text Editor

  • Image
    • Sizing / View Mode:  The view mode is set to default which acts as the lead image. You should change the view mode of images to more appropriate sizes.
    • Externally Sourced Images: Images using assets from a different UTM site will not automatically update. You will need to upload and place on your site.
    • Alt-text: The alt-text for images within basic pages needs to be reviewed; please verify that alt-text has been set with the appropriate context.
    • See Media for details.
  • In-Page Image Caption and Alignment
    • Previously aligned and captioned images in page might not be retained on import and need to be set accordingly. It's recommended that you review each page and ensure that each in-page image is aligned properly.
  • Image Grids
    • This feature has been removed and replaced by a Call To Action Grid feature.
    • Image grids created on your D7 site will be migrated, but there is no way to edit these moving forward. It's highly recommended that you replace your image grids with Call to Action grids.
    • See Blocks and Call to Action Grid for details.
  • YouTube Video
  • Linked Files
    • Direct links to files: All linked files (including PDFs, docx, etc) need to be checked for accuracy and corrected if needed. Direct links to files in body content should migrate properly, provided they were working in your D7 website.
    • Externally sourced files: Links from a different UTM site will not automatically update. You will need to re-upload the file and recreate the link.
    • See Rich Text Editor and Links for details.

Social Media - Connect With Us Block

  • Social Media Block needs to be re-configured
    • The location for configuring the social media accounts has changed. It needs to be filled out again using the links (full url) to your social media profiles. The block itself (Connect With Us) needs to be placed on the homepage.
    • See Social Media (Connect With Us) for details.

Faculty or Staff Profile Settings

  • Reconfigure the Faculty or Staff Profiles settings 
    • The settings were not brought over in the migration so they need to be reconfigured.
    • Layout Option: The 3-column layout is highly recommended due to the image size changes. Optimized options are not yet implemented.
    • Grouping / Visibility: You need to set it according to the options you had before, or set to a new preference.
    • See Faculty & Staff Profiles for details.

Navigation Menu

  • Review and update paths leading to category listings
    • If you have a menu item linking to a category listing, verify that the URL path is correct. Update link on the menu item accordingly, if necessary.
    • See managing the Menus for details.
  • Unpublished Pages in the menu
    • Unpublished pages that previously existed in the menu need to be removed manually (they won't show up for public/anonymous users but editors will be able to see when logged in). 
    • See managing the Menus for details.