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This page contains information on how to access your website.

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You can only edit the site while connected to UTM VPN or while on the UTM campus staff network. If you are working remotely or off campus, you have to use the UTM VPN to be able to edit your site.

You need install the UTM VPN Global Protect client if it isn't already on your machine and ensure you are connected prior to visiting any of the administrative pages, including the log in page.


Log In Page

To log into your site, use the URL provided to you by I&ITS when your site was created. In general the address follows the following pattern:  

https://[server]/[your site]/user 


  • [server] is www.utm.utoronto.ca
  • [your site] is your site's alias

For example, to log in to the www.utm.utoronto.ca/iits site, you go through: https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/iits/user

Important Note

You will only be able to access any administrative screens, including the log in page, if you are on the correct network.

Please make sure you are using the UTM VPN if you are not on a UTM Campus Staff Network.


Click the UTORID Login button to be redirected to the secure UTORid login page where you can log in using your UTORid credentials.

You will be redirected back to your website upon successful authentication where you could see the the editor's view of the website as marked by the appearance of the Administrative Toolbar at the top of the site. 



Only individuals approved to be content editors by the site owners have access to the site.

Requesting Access

To request access, have an existing content editor or approving manager submit a ticket to ServiceNow, providing the individual's UTORid and the url of the site they need access to.

Removing Access

To remove access, have an editor or approving manager submit a ticket to ServiceNow, providing the individual's UTORid and the url of the site they to have access removed from.

Best Practices

If you manage a site, make use of the editors list available in the Site Details page to monitor who has access to sites and request the removal of those who shouldn't have. There is no automatic removal for cases where the editor is temporary (work study students, etc) as well as if the individual has left the department.



If you are unable to login please ensure the following: 

  • You are connected to the campus staff network or UTM VPN 
  • You have the correct subsite name in the URL 

If you are receiving a message about your UTORid being invalid, try to verify your UTORid by going to https://www.utorid.utoronto.ca/ and clicking on Verify your UTORid and password. Try logging in again after this completes. 

If you still encounter issues, please submit a ticket to ServiceNow and provide as much of the following information as you have: 

  • The site you are attempting to log into 
  • The UTORid that is unable to log in 
  • Your physical location (if on campus, in which building / room, or off-campus) 
  • Your method of connection (wired or wireless) 
  • Whether or not you are connected to the VPN 
  • Your operating system 
  • The browser you are using 
  • Your IP address 
  • Any warning or error messages you are encountering