Social Media (Connect With Us)

The social media "Connect With Us" block is a block that can be placed on a page. It displays a list of social media icon links that lead to the social media profile. It's generally recommended that you include this block on the homepage of your website. 



Currently supported platforms/fields: 

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Mastodon
  • Threads
  • Generic email address




Configuring Social Media Profile Links

  1. Go to Manage > Configuration
  2. Under UTM, click Social Media Block Settings
  3. Add the full URL to the social media profile in the appropriate field
    • EXAMPLE To add UTM's Twitter profile, enter in the Twitter Account field 
    • Repeat for all desired social media profiles
  4. Save


Placing the "Connect With Us" Block on a Page

Placing the Connect With Us in basic pages is the same process as placing any block.

We recommend placing news listing blocks on your Home Page.

  1. Visit your Home Page
  2. If you are logged in and able to edit, you should see the local task tabs and be able to click Layout
  3. In the area you want the block to appear, click Add Block
  4. The Connect With Us block should appear on the list of available blocks to be placed
    • TIP Be mindful of the space you wish to use. The Connect With Us block generally works well in either main or side area.
  5. OPTIONAL Configure the block
    • With your block placed, click the contextual edit button (Pencil Icon) for the block and select configure.
    • The only option for this block is to toggle the title display
    • Click Update
  6. Click Save Layout