Rich Text Editor

Screenshot of the rich text editor

The Rich Text Editor (RTE) uses a product called CKEditor to provide a WYSIWG interface for editing content. Drupal 10 uses CKEditor 5.

Fields in content types or block types can use the rich text editor as a means for you to add your content. The RTE is often used for body fields or large text areas.

This page contains an overview of the tools you can use within the RTE to create, format, and organize your content.

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Source View

The source tool switches the editor view to the HTML being generated by the editor. Clicking it again switches back to the WYSIWYG view.

Styling is mainly controlled by the theme for consistency. Markup not explicitly allowed will be stripped when saved.


Screenshot of RTE - source tool

Editor Functions

  • Undo
    • Undo most recent recent action
  • Redo
    • Redo most recent action
Screenshot of RTE - clipboard


All images, files, and media embeds are handled by Media.

The Media tool allows you insert media available in your site in the RTE.

You can upload directly from here, but management of all Media is located in the Media section of your site.

See Media for details

Screen shot of media tool in rte

Content Grid

The Content Grid tool allows you create divs create multi-column layout within the RTE.  

See Content Grid for additional instructions

Screenshot of content grid tool

Tables & Data

Table is used for inserting data tables. It should not be used for aligning content for layout purposes as this can create accessibility concerns and cause problems viewing your webpage on a mobile device.

There are standard styling available for tables.

Screenshot of table tool


The Calendar tool generates a static calendar in the RTE. Clicking on it will present a dropdown list that ranges from the current month  the next 11 months.

It will produce a calendar according to the month/year selected. Only the content boxes are editable. Empty days will be hidden in responsive.

CKEditor 5 Calendar

Horizontal Rule

Insert Horizontal Rule inserts a horizontal bar to divide your content thematically. You should use this when you have a shift in topic within a page.

CKEditor 5 Horizontal Rule


This is the primary source of applying pre-defined styles to your text.

Some content elements such as lists or tables have additional style options appear when selected.

Simple highlight the element / text you want to style and select an available style from the drop down.

CKEditor 5 Styles

Text Formatting

These functions are used to apply (or remove) formatting from your text in the rich text editor.

  • Element
  • Remove formatting
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Superscript
  • Subscript
  • Block Quotes
  • Numbered List
  • Bulleted List
  • Decrease Indent (For list items)
  • Increase indent (For list items)
  • Special Characters
  • Code

See Text Formatting for additional instructions

CKEditor 5 Formatting