Text Formatting

This page contains information on text formatting options available within the RTE.

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Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough

Applying basic formatting (b​old, italic, underline, strikethrough) to your text is simple. Simply highlight the text you want to change and click the appropriate formatting tool.

Removing this formatting is as simple as placing the insertion point anywhere within the formatted text and pressing the appropriate formatting button again. Alternatively, you can highlight the text to remove the formatting from and click either the formatting option you wish to remove or the Remove Format tool if you wish to remove all styles. 


Script Characters & Special Characters

Applying script formatting (superscript, subscript) is simple. Simply highlight the text you want to change and click the appropriate formatting tool.

You can remove the formatting by highlighting the formatted text and clicking the Remove Format tool.

Inserting special characters can be done by placing the cursor where you want the character to appear, clicking the Special Character tool, and selecting the character you wish to insert.



There are two forms of list: ordered (or numbered) lists and unordered (or bulleted) lists. List and indents are very closely related. If you press the indent button while creating a list it will allow you to create a sublist below the previous list item.

While creating a list, pressing the enter key will add another item to the list. Pressing enter a second time will terminate the list and return you to editing a paragraph.

Creating a list

  1. Place the cursor were you want to insert your list
  2. Click the list tool for the type of list you want (Numbered or Bulleted)
    • Note: For numbered list, you can specify the starting number and if you want it in reverse.
  3. Type your list text
    • Use Enter key to enter a new line
    • Use Tab key or the Indent tools to nest items
      • Sublist can have a different type.
      • Example: This sublist is bulleted while the main list is numbered
    • Use Enter key twice to escape the list and return to a new paragraph.

Styling lists

There are styles available for lists. To apply a style to a list:

  1. Highlight the list
  2. Using the Styles tool, choose the style you want to apply