Information Security & Risk Management

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Please share your feedback with us on this year's Cybersecurity Awareness Month events, by filling out our online feedback form.

Cyberbullying Resources

If you or someone you know is experiencing cyberbullying, please reach out to one of the groups listed on our resource page.


About Information Security & Risk Management

University of Toronto Mississauga is committed to providing an environment that protects the privacy and security of information and electronic resources necessary to support our mission of teaching and research. We expect and rely on all individuals, authorized to access University digital assets, to contribute to and cooperate with our protection measures.

You can help by educating yourself about our privacy and security policies, practicing cyber self-defense, using available security tools, being alert to potential danger signs, reporting unusual behaviors, and taking corrective action when necessary. Together we can keep our campus an open, safe, and accessible system.

A great place to start is by reviewing our 10 Security Best Practice Guidelines.


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