UTM will become a pioneer for inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research related to sustainability. Our research opportunities will provide a unique academic space to work in multi-disciplinary teams on various sustainability-related issues and their solutions. 

Goal 2.1

UTM will encourage internal research collaboration

  • By 2021, UTM will establish a working group to promote collaborative scholarship in sustainability

Goal 2.2

UTM will create an inventory of internal scholars and faculty engaged in sustainability research

  • By 2022, UTM will engage the MScSM Program to compile a baseline record that names sustainability-focused scholars and helps measure future progress

Goal 2.3

UTM will offer sustainability-focused grants

  • By 2023, UTM will create a Graduate Student Sustainability Funding Competition, complete with a sustainability-specific research grant
  • By 2022, UTM will spearhead a campaign to promote the Undergraduate Research Grant Competition (URGC)

Goal 2.4

UTM will reduce the environmental impact of research activities through the promotion of energy conservation, waste diversion, equipment management and sustainable procurement

  • By 2024, UTM will implement a Green Labs Program to help reduce the environmental impact of research activities on campus

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