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Getting Around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

There are several transportation services that run between the cities of Mississauga and Toronto. For more information on popular transportation modes used in the GTA, please visit the following sites:

1. MiWay

Mississauga transit (follow this link for details on various plans and passes available for riders):

Note: The UTM/Mississauga Transit MiWay U-Pass is NOT available to postdocs, faculty or staff. This pass is reserved solely for enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, all of whom pay for these non-optional programs in their annual Student Services Fees.

2. GO Transit

Regional bus and train transit system:

3. TTC

Note: The University sells a discounted monthyl pass on behalf of the TTC, available at UTM through the Parking and Transportation Office located at the Alumni House (near Mississauga Rd. and Collegeway entrance, and seen in the picture below).