Career Development

Career Centre

The challenge of planning a career path after your fellowship can appear a bit daunting. The University of Toronto is here to help you maneuver through this exciting time in your  life by providing access to many services, workshops and resources that can improve and tailor your skills to the career trajectory of your choosing.


Career and Personal Development

UofT boasts a large selection of services that resources catered to the personal and professional development of its students and postdocs. For more information on the career and personal development options available at UofT, please visit:

UTM Career Centre:

UofT St. George Career Services & Programs: 


Career Learning Network

Postdoctoral fellows at UofT have full access to our Career Learning Network (CLN) and its associated online career resources, including workshops offered at UofT and on-campus job postings.

In order to register for the Career Learning Network at UofT you must submit a request form found at:

Once your registration is complete, you can access the CLN by visiting


Career Exploration and Education

The UofT Student Life office also provides information on career planning, skill development, career fairs and networking events, career advising appointments, workshops, and more!

Follow this link to access these free resources: