Postdoc Buddy Program

Being a postdoc often means you are going through a phase of life with high mobility and with many changes. The UTM Board of Postdocs is introducing a ‘Postdoc Buddy Program’ to facilitate the integration of incoming postdocs into UTM. In this voluntary program, we pair an incoming postdoc to a ‘buddy’ postdoc who is already settled at UTM. The buddy acts as a point of contact and helps the incoming postdoc to get acquainted with UTM by providing information on housing, academic and professional activities on campus, and other issues related to the move. The buddy welcomes the new postdoc soon after their arrival and shows them around campus. Through this program, we hope to make the integration at UTM easier and to create a supportive postdoc community on campus. 

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Working as a postdoc in the academic world means moving around regularly. To help incoming postdocs feel welcome at UTM and provide them with some help in the transition, the UTM Board of Postdocs offers a voluntary ‘buddy’ program.

The goal of this initiative is to pair incoming postdocs with ‘buddy’ postdocs who already are UTM fellows. In this system, the buddy acts as a point of contact for further information, welcomes the new postdoc to UTM, shows them around campus and introduces them to the larger postdoc community. Our aim is to match the field and interests of the incoming postdocs with the volunteer buddy fellows to maximize the chances of compatibility.

For the incoming postdocs:

If you would like to be paired with a UTM fellow, please reach us at with your contact information, planned arrival date, and any questions you might have regarding the transition to UTM. All your information will be kept confidential and will only be shared with a buddy fellow with your consent. We will then pair you with a buddy fellow.

For the volunteer buddy:

Please sign up to the buddy volunteer list by sending us an e-mail via We will be in touch to gather some basic information (which department you are in, where you live, what kind of activities are you into and such) to get the best match. We will then be in touch when there is an incoming postdoc who matches your interests, and confirm your participation and availability. If you need any assistance in helping the incoming postdoc, please contact us at

The UTM board of postdocs will provide a Tim Hortons card for a complementary beverage and snack for your first in person meeting with the incoming postdoc. We encourage that you maintain your contact throughout your fellowship programs, and we hope to see you in the UTM postdoc social and professional development events.

General information:

If you have any questions/concerns or need help at any point, please let us know at

Thank you in advance for your interest and participation.


UTM Board of Postdocs