Associations for Postdoc Scholars

Canadian Association of Postdoc Scholars (CAPS)

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CAPS exists to represent Canadian postdocs by:

a. Acting as a Collective Voice

  • Examples: act as a liaison between Canadian postdocs, institutional representatives, funding agencies, professional organizations, and the national and provincial governments; highlight the role and value of Canadian postdocs within the academic community within Canada and internationally.

b. Advocating on behalf of Postdocs

  • Examples: express the views and needs of postdocs at international, national, regional and institutional levels; establish best practice polices for the postdoctoral training experience and encourage implementation of these policies by institutions nationwide.

c. Providing Resources for Professional Development

  • Examples: enhance the postdoctoral experience by facilitating the transition into subsequent career phases; assist in the establishment of and provide support for institutional postdoctoral associations.

Registering as a Member of CAPS/ACSP

To gain access to the various mailing lists and online groups offered by CAPS/ACSP you must register as a member. CAPS/ACSP offers different membership types to suit a wide variety of stakeholders, including: current postdocs, former postdocs, prospective postdocs, and representatives from various stakeholder groups related to postdoctoral administration, training, career development, funding, or policy development.

Membership is free and it only takes a few minutes to complete the appropriate registration form (see below) and select the email lists and/or online groups you would like access to. 


National Postdoctoral Association

The National Postdoctoral Association provides a national voice and seeks positive change for postdoctoral scholars.

Their mission is to improve the postdoctoral experience by supporting enhanced research training and a cultural of enhanced profession growth to benefit scholarship and innovation.

Check out their website and consider joining: