Applying to UTM

The first step in ensuring a successful Postdoctoral training program is finding the right academic supervisor with whom to conduct your independent research.

In searching for and selecting your mentor, you may find yourself asking:

  1. What are my current and future research interests? What is my career aspiration?
  2. Am I in search of working with a newer faculty hire, or an established and well-connected researcher?
  3. Do I work best with close mentorship and guidance, or do I prefer an independent work environment?
  4. In which careers are former postdocs from this mentor's group currently employed?

Once you have established your own career and training goals, you are better prepared to finding a supervisor with similar research interests. 


Finding a Supervisor

To help you better prepare for finding a supervisor, you may find these guidelines helpful:

To search for current faculty at UTM who have active research programs and who may be accepting postdoctoral applications, please visit the departmental websites listed at: