On Campus

UTM provides access to a limited stock of on-campus housing subject to availability. Contact UTM Student Housing & Residence Life well in advance to inquire about availability of on-campus townhouses at rates that are comparable to similar housing in the surrounding community.

UTM Student Housing & Residence Life: resdesk.utm@utoronto.ca



The Univeristy offers a housing service to match members of the university community with renters seeking roommates and with local landlords with spaces to rent of lease, some of whom may appreciate the maturity, skills and/or knowledge of post-doc scholars. Note that, in some cases, families in the local area may be open to negotiating lesser rents in exchange for bartered services such as tutoring for a homeowner's children, language instruction, or light-duty care. 

For information on off-campus housing in the GTA, visit:  http://offcampushousing.utoronto.ca/

For more information, visit:

Note: Some information provided on these websites is catered to UTM students only. Please contact Student Housing & Residence Life for more postdoc-related inquiries.