Preparing for Careers in Academia

The goal of many doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows is to complete their training by securing a faculty position in a prestigious academic institution.

However, depending on your passion for research, teaching, or a combination of both, your journey and eventual destination may look very different from those of your peers and those experienced by your mentors.


Below are some links provided by the UTM Career Centre that can help get you started thinking about a career in academia and exploring today's academic job market:


Investigating Academic Careers
(includes information on the labour market, Government of Canada resources, and salaries)

Building Experience for Academic Careers
(includes information on publishing, teaching, and continuing studies options):

(includes information on how to develop an online presence, and tips on networking in academia):

Academic Job Searches
(includes information on preparing effective CVs, cover letters, references and teaching dossiers):


For more information, visit the UTM Career Centre website on graduate student resources: