Checklist: First Week on Campus

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1. Meeting with Your Department

Meet with the Departmental Business Manager and/or the UTM Human Resources Office to discuss the following:

  • Obtaining a UTORid and T-Card
  • Setting up an E-mail address
  • Office/Work space
  • Lab space and equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • Department mailbox
  • Lab keys/access codes/swipe access (if applicable)

  • Provide a copy of your Work Permit (if applicable) to the UTM Human Resources Office (HR) upon your arrival on campus or to your Departmental Business Manager
  • Provide proof of your Social Insurance Number (SIN) to the Departmental Business Manager or HR
  • Banking Information: Your salary will be direct deposit to your bank account on the 28th of each month, or the Friday if the 28th falls on a weekend. You must open an account at one of the local banks and ask the bank to provide you with the details of your account information, OR have the Bank provide you with a VOID CHEQUE that will display your account information and provide this to your Departmental Business Manager or HR
  • Please complete the “Personal Tax Credits Return forms – Federal and Provincial” and submit them to your Departmental Business Manager. The Business Manager should have this form. For additional information on forms related to income tax, please refer to the Revenue Canada Agency’s website at:

2. Getting Your T-Card

Your T-Card (University of Toronto ID Card) is a multi-purpose photo identification card that you can use for library privileges, and to gain access to labs, secure areas, athletics, and so much more!

  • Your Departmental Business Manager will provide you with the required HR letter that you will need to obtain your T-Card
  • Once you have received your letter, visit the Information & Instructional Technology Service Desk in the CCT building atrium, and they will print you a T-Card on the spot!

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Tel: (905) 828-534 E-mail:

3. Setting Up your Health Care Benefits 

Contact the UTM Human Resources Office at 905-828-3935 or to schedule a time to meet with someone in order to review and register for your available health care benefits.

4. Review University Policies and Procedures

The conduct of postdocs while at U of T is governed by policies and guidelines that can be found on the Human Resources and Equity website:

Policies that may be of particular importance to postdoctoral fellows include:

  • Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters
  • Copyright Policy • Policy on Ethical Conduct in Research
  • Inventions Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy

For more information on Policies for Postdoctoral Fellows at U of T, consult the U of T Governing Council handbook:

5. Parking & Transportation

Finding your way around the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus or the City of Toronto? Please visit: (needs to be updated)

6. UTM Board of Postdocs

Contact the UTM Board of Postdocs! The roles of the Board include:

  • Providing guidance to all Postdocs as needed, in particular to new incoming Postdocs
  • Acting as the liaison with the Vice-Dean, Faculty and members of the Vice-Dean’s Office, in the Office of the Dean, UTM
  • Acting as the representative for Postdocs on Committees as appropriate, and when interacting with University administration
  • Hosting monthly meetings for all Postdocs and an Annual General Meeting at the end of the academic year
  • Organizing social events and promoting activities among Postdocs and UTMAGS
  • Setting an annual budget for events and initiatives geared toward postdoctoral fellows

For more information, visit: (needs to be updated) 


Social Media:

7. Enjoy Your Time at UTM! 

Get involved with the UTM Board of Postdocs and with UTMAGS. Become a leader in your Community!

UTMAGS (the University of Toronto Mississauga Association of Graduate Students) is a graduate student association representing all M.Sc., MScSM, MFAcc, M.A., M. Biotech., MMI, BMC and Ph.D. students who spend the majority of their academic and social time at UTM.

UTMAGS represents the interests of UTM graduate students at the UofT Graduate Students’ Union, the UTM Campus Council, Quality Service to Students Council, and several other UTM committees. Over the past few years, they have lobbied for increased student support, improvement of UTM student housing, and increased services to students at UTM. If you have a specific concern or just a great idea, we are always looking for fresh input!

Outside of committees and councils, UTMAGS also organize social events such as food nights, pub crawls, sports tourneys and much more – Postdocs are always welcome! For more information, visit: