Special Consideration Requests (SCR): late assignments, missed tests and quizzes

You are expected to work on assignments and prepare for tests in advance to successfully meet your academic and extra-curricular responsibilities. Sometimes, circumstances happen beyond your control. In ICCIT, you can submit a SCR if you miss a term test, quiz or need an assignment extension in your CCT or MGD course(s) to support you during these times.

Reasons for special consideration could include:

  • Accident
  • Illness
  • Emergency procedure
  • Bereavement
  • University-sponsored athletics/competitions
  • Compulsory legal duties e.g. jury duty





Reasons for special consideration do not include*:

  • Pre-planned vacations or social commitments
  • Transportation delays
  • Technology malfunctions
  • Time management, course loads
  • Course conflicts, team work conflicts
  • Misreading a deadline/timetable
  • Late course enrolment
  • Scheduled elective medical appointments
  • Religious accommodations
  • Disability accommodations

* For these situations, refer to your course syllabus and speak directly with your instructor.



STEP 1: Submit an online request

Submit your online request here: https://app.utm.utoronto.ca/SpecialRequest

  • You have three days or 72 Hours (including weekends) from the assignment deadline or date of the missed test/quiz to complete the SCR process in full.
  • An online request must be completed for each assignment, test or quiz.

STEP 2: Complete supporting documentation

Print one of the forms (links are below) and have it completed by the appropriate person as indicated on the form. You only need one supporting document for multiple missed assignments/tests, if they fall within the period of your illness or extenuating circumstance.

A. Verification of Student Illness (for medical reasons)

  • No other type of medical note will be accepted. Please ensure this is completed and signed.
  • The form must confirm that you were examined/diagnosed within 48 hours of your test or assignment due date.
  • The medical professional must include a statement in the comments to confirm, “the student was unable to write test/hand in assignment on [mm/dd/yy] for medical reasons”.

B. Verification of Extenuating Circumstances (for non-medical reasons)

  • A verifier is someone in a position of trust – this typically would not include a family member or friend, unless they have a professional designation (e.g. lawyer, spiritual/community/religious leader, etc.).

STEP 3: Submit  form to the drop box outside CC3013

A secure drop box for completed SCR forms is located in the CCT building, 3rd floor, outside room CC3013.

  • The supporting documentation must be original, complete, signed and dated. No photocopies, scans, or pictures are accepted. The drop box is monitored daily, except on weekends and statutory holidays.
  • If you physically cannot drop off your documentation – have someone drop it off for you. As a last resort, you can take a picture of the form and email it to iccitscr@utoronto.ca with your name and student number. Upon your return to campus, you must drop off the forms.
  • DO NOT give your instructors the verification of illness/extenuating circumstances forms.

STEP 4: Receive a decision

Expect a decision by email within 48-72 hours if you have followed the procedure. The email will give you important information about whether your request is approved, denied or pending, and instructions on next steps. Your instructor will be copied on the message (the message does not include your medical/personal information). 


It is your responsibility as a student to:

  • Hand in assignments as soon as possible after the due date (even if you have not received a SCR decision), and follow up with your instructor as soon as possible for make-up test instructions if your SCR is approved.
  • Email iccitscr@utoronto.ca if you have not received a response about your SCR in 48-72 hours.
  • Monitor your UTOR email (@mail.utoronto.ca) or it could result in delays.

For missed tests/quizzes, do not assume that you will write a make-up test – this is at the discretion of your instructor. Please review your course syllabus for details. Make-up tests cannot be deferred unless you have another class at the same time. Missing a make-up test will result in a grade of zero.

For assignment extensions, do not assume that you will get the extension that you requested. Continue to work on your assignment and hand it in as soon as possible – do not wait for a SCR decision. Extensions can range from 24 hours to one week. For example:

If your assignment is due on a Thursday, and you complete the SCR process on Saturday morning, on Monday afternoon, you might get an email approving a 4-day extension, confirming that the deadline is on Monday night at 11:59 pm, four days from the original deadline. Extension decisions are not based on when we review your documentation, but from the original due date.

Students with disabilities/ health conditions

Students with disabilities are encouraged to register with accessibility services at both UTM and Sheridan College. If you require accommodations for term tests and assignments, refer to your course syllabus for instructions. If you are experiencing health conditions (even temporarily) that are repeatedly affecting your school work, consider setting up a meeting with an accessibility advisor:

Absence Declaration

If you are missing a test or an assignment deadline, declare your absence from class on ACORN account.  Click on "Profile & Settings” and then click on “Absence Declaration."


Our role as a department is to help manage SCRs to protect your confidential health/personal information and to provide a consistent process for all students in ICCIT. We can also make appropriate referrals and provide advice.  If you have any questions about this policy please email iccitscr@utoronto.ca