Prof. Daniel Guadagnolo's headshot

Dan Guadagnolo

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

Degrees and Institutions
PhD, U.S. History, University of Wisconsin, Madison (2020)
MA, Communication & Culture, Ryerson University (2013)
BA, History, York University (2010)

Recent Courses
CCT109 Contemporary Communication Technologies (Fall)
CCT203 Business Research Methods (Fall)

CCT221 Digital Marketing I (Winter)
CCT381 Media Audiences (Winter)
CCT399/499 – Research Opportunity Program (“The Image Merchants”: Public Relations from 1960 to Today)

Select Publications
Guadagnolo, Dan. “How Marketing Consultants Commodify Social Movements: Estelle Ellis, Audience Construction, and the Women’s Media Market, 1945-1973.” Feminist Media Studies (2022).

Brown, Elspeth, Kate McKinney, Dan Guadagnolo, Juan Carlos Meso-Gonzalez, Sid Cunningham, Caleigh Inman, Zohar Freeman, Amal Khurram, Alisha Krishna, and Stuart Mackenzie. “Transmediation as Radical Pedagogy in Building Queer and Trans Digital Archives.” Digital Humanities Quarterly 16, no. 2 (2022).

Guadagnolo, Dan. “Why Did Uptown Go Down in Flames? Uptown Cigarettes and the Targeted Marketing Crisis.” In Surveillance Capitalism in America, edited by Josh Lauer and Ken Lipartito, 160–82. Hagley Perspectives on Business and Culture. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2021.

Guadagnolo, Dan. “‘The Miracle of You’: Women’s Sex Education and the Marketing of Kotex.” Modern American History 3, no. 2–3 (November 2020): 133–51.

Guadagnolo, Dan. “‘A Superb Example of the Common Man’: J.C. Leyendecker and the Staging of Male Consumer Desire in American Commercial Illustration, 1907–1931.” American Studies 58, no. 4 (2019): 5–32.

Research Areas
My research examines the contemporary and historical political economy of marketing, PR, branding, and management strategy since the 1960s. My current book project, Segmenting America, charts social and technological changes in consumer market segmentation and their effect on North American society since the Second World War. My teaching blends contemporary management theory and best practice with historical case studies.

You can find my scholarly writing in American Studies, Modern American History, Feminist Media Studies, The Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism, Digital Humanities Quarterly, and the University of Pennsylvania edited collection, Surveillance Capitalism in America. Popular pieces on contemporary business and culture have appeared in The Washington Post, The Literary Review of Canada, Business Ethics, The Conversation, The Tyee and elsewhere.