Maintenance Requests

If you require maintenance repairs you will need to submit a Maintenance Work Order Request online: By submitting a work order you are granting access to your space to Student Housing and Residence Life employees and their authorized agents for the purposes of making the requested repairs between the hours of 8:00 am - 5:00 pm until the required repairs have been completed.

The normal hours for carrying out maintenance work are Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and the work order system is not checked outside of these times. If you are experiencing an emergency (ie. Flooding, Lock problem, etc.) you should contact your Don-On-Duty immediately to have your situation assessed!

When submitting your work request you must ensure that your contact information and room location is up to date and correct. If your information is not correctly displayed in the online form it can be updated by clicking “HERE” on the online form. Work orders that include incorrect contact information will be closed and you will need to resubmit your request once your have updated your information.

In order to assist our Technicians in diagnosing the issue you are experiencing we ask that you be as detailed as possible in both the location and description of the problem (ie. The light in the upstairs hall is burned out, when I swipe my keycard on my bedroom door no light is displayed, etc.). If you need to submit more than one request at the same time we ask that you use a separate text box for each request. Remember that you can only submit a work order for common space (inside or outside of your unit) or your own bedroom. Work orders submitted on behalf of roommates or text boxes that contain multiple requests will be closed!

Work order requests are completed in priority sequence and we aim to have all requests addressed within 2 business days. Be aware that during peak times of the year (September, January and March) and in cases where we need to contact an external contractor or tradesperson (ie. plumber, electrician, etc) you may experience a delay in the completion of your work request. 


It is our goal to have all the work orders addressed within two business days (as long as we don’t have to call in an outside contractor), but during busy times, work orders are prioritized as follows:

  1. Fire Safety/ Safety

police reports/ vandalism, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, floods, monthly safety inspections

  1. Personal Space

dangerous electrical issues, spills, door locks not working, unsafe or leaking windows, hanging fixtures, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, front & back door lighting, blinds will not close, accommodation requests (e.g. someone on crutches)

  1. Emergencies

no heat (in winter), no hot water, no water, major leaks roof leaking into personal space

  1. Necessity

clogged toilets*/ sinks/ showers, light bulbs burned out, fridges & stoves out of order, reading hydro monthly, unsatisfactory mattress covers *townhouses take priority over apartments where there are 2 washrooms in each unit

  1. Comfort

drawer or cupboard sticks, missing closet rod, piece missing on drawer

  1. Summer Projects

bathroom & kitchen counters, damaged boards under sinks, mouse proofing

  1. Preventative Maintenance

plastic cracked in fridge, new stove cups, etc.


Work Order Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why hasn’t my work order been completed yet?

Work orders are completed in priority sequence and while we strive to address all work orders within 48 business hours there are situations that arise that may delay the completion of your work order. During peak times of the year (September, October and April) or in cases where we need to call in an external contractor there may be delays in completing your work order.  If your work order has not yet been addressed DO NOT submit a work order for the same issue as this will further delay the process.


Why did I receive an email saying my work order was completed when the work hasn’t been completed?

It’s important to read the comments found in the email that you received as they will indicate why the work was completed, delayed or not completed. There are a number of reasons why the work may not have been completed including but not limited to:

  • You requested a service that we do not provide
  • The work order was not specific enough
  • Another work order was already placed by your roommate for the same issue
  • Our Staff could not find any issue
  • You placed multiple requests in the same work order
  • The work order was submitted under the wrong unit


Can my Don submit a work order for me?

Unless it’s an emergency situation we require that all students submit their own work orders. Receiving work orders directly from you allows us to gather more accurate and complete information about the problem. This also allows us to communicate directly with you when the work is completed, delayed or could not be completed.


Can I submit a work order for an issue in my roommate’s room?

No. You can only submit work orders for your own bedroom or common spaces within your suite or building. We require permission from the student living in a bedroom prior to us entering that space.


Can I repair damaged items myself?

No. All repairs in Residence will need to be completed by our Maintenance staff or one of our authorized agents or contractors. This allows us to ensure that a repair has been completed safely, properly and in accordance with local building codes and/or university standards.


How can I request my bed height be adjusted?

Unfortunately not all of the beds in Residence are adjustable but if your bed is the type that can be adjusted (found mostly in Oscar Peterson Hall) you will need to be very specific with the height you would like in your work order. Any work orders that are not specific will be closed. For example: Please raise my bed higher by two pegs.


Who do I contact if the washer/dryer in my laundry room is broken?

All washers and dryers are owned and serviced by Coin-a-matic. If you experience any problems with these machines you will need to contact the company directly by calling (905) 755-1972. You will need the building information and which machine is broken.


Who do I contact if there is a problem with the Wireless or my Network port?

All equipment for the wired or wireless networks is maintained by the Information & Instructional Technology Services department. They can be contacted at (905) 828-5344 or by filling out an online work ticket at