About Us

There are 8 areas of residences, made up of townhouses and apartments.  Roy Ivor Hall, McLuhan Court, Putnam Place, Leacock Lane, Erindale Hall and Oscar Peterson Hall are for undergraduate students. Schreiberwood and MaGrath Valley are for undergraduate, graduate, & professional students and students with families.  Each area has been named after a prominent citizen or identifying a piece of community history.

Schreiberwood: Named after Charlotte Schreiber, the only female charter member of the Royal Canadian Academy in 1880 and the only woman elected full academician until 1933.  She was the sole woman on the Board of Ontario School of Art and Design (later OCA).

Roy Ivor Hall: Affectionately known as the 'Birdman of Mississauga', Roy Ivor was an icon in the Mississauga community. Recipient of the Order of Canada, and an honorary Doctorate in Sciences from the University of Windsor, Ivor was known for the kindness and gentle nature with which he cared for sick birds in our local region.  He was one of the first people to warn the world of the detrimental effects of DDT on wildlife, and it was this commitment to animals that drew people to bring injured, sick or wild birds to Mr. Ivor from all over Canada and even the US.  Roy lived in a trailer across from the current UTM campus and was known to provide assistance with raising the university's two owls in the North Building's Biology prep room.  The embodiment of care for the environment and a man who selflessly worked with the UTM community, Roy Ivor passed away shortly before his 100th birthday in 1979.  

McLuhan Court: Named after Marshall McLuhan, a communications theorist and professor of English at UofT.  He became internationally famous during the 1960s for his studies of the effects of mass media on thought and behaviour. He received numerous North American and European honours and awards.

Putnam Place: Named after Donald Fulton Putnam, UTM’s founding geographer who taught courses in landforms, agriculture and Canadian regions.  Putnam and a colleague compiled “The Physiography of Southern Ontario”, which continues to be a basic resource for teaching and research.

Erindale Hall: Over the past few years, the campus has shifted its identity from Erindale College to being "the University of Toronto Mississauga."  We recognize that the name Erindale bears historical significance that should be acknowledged and in some manner, preserved.  Not only the name of the region in which our campus is located, Erindale has become the identity to which students, staff and faculty refer with fondness and pride.

Leacock Lane: Named after Stephen Leacock, humorist, essayist, teacher, political economist and historian.  He received numerous honourary degrees, awards and distinctions.  He was educated at Upper Canada College, UofT and University of Chicago.

MaGrath Valley: Named after Reverend James MaGrath of St. Peter’s Anglican Church on Mississauga Road.  He was responsible for naming the Erindale area and a plaque honouring him is located in Erindale Park.

Oscar Peterson Hall: Internationally renowned, Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson entertained the world for more than 60 years. Prior to his death in 2007, Oscar Peterson was a longtime Mississauga resident.  He received numerous honorary degrees, awards and distinctions, including an honorary doctor of laws from the University of Toronto.