Faculty Important Forms

An Agreement Form must be completed between the Placement Site and the University before a student begins their duties. The following forms must be read, completed, and signed by a legal signing authority of the Placement Site, as well as the Chair of the Academic Department. Once completed, please return to Course Director/Placement Coordinator/Experiential Learning Officer:

  1. Standard Placement Agreement Form OR Short-form Placement Agreement Form
    Please note applicable criteria for each form.
  2. Letter to Placement Employers

To complete the placement process, students must also complete separate documentation to be submitted to the Course Director/Placement Coordinator/Experiential Learning Officer.

Outside Organizational Forms, Guidelines, and Policies:

Important Additional Information for Experiential Learning (EL) Activities in Courses:


  • Please consult the Framework of Off-Campus Safety and the Safety in Field and Research policies should an EL activity require a student to engage off-campus.
  • Students doing lab placements or placements involving hazardous materials must complete a WHMIS course - each department has course offerings and varying schedules.
  • Safety Abroad: Students doing internship course placements outside of Canada are required to review the information on the U of T Safety Abroad website and consult with staff regarding travel safety, immunizations, etc. individually or in special sessions. 

Please contact an Experiential Learning Officer should you have any questions regarding applicable documentation and procedures for various course-based experiential learning activities.