Student Important Forms

TWO forms must be read, completed, and returned to the Course Director/Placement Coordinator/Experiential Learning Officer by students participating in an internship course:

1.  Student Declaration of Understanding
2.  Protection of Confidential Information Agreement

Important Additional Information


  • Students who experience an accident/injury while on placement must immediatley inform their Placement Supervisor and Course Director/Placement Coordinator/Experiential Learning Officer. Students must further complete a U of T Accident Report Form and return it to the Course Director/Placement Coordinator/Experiential Learning Officer as soon as possible. 
  • Students doing lab placements or placements involving hazardous materials must complete a WHMIS course - each department has course offerings and varying schedules.
  • Students who are in a field environment need to have read and be aware of U of T's policy on Safety in the Field.
  • Safety Abroad: Students doing internship course placements outside of Canada are required to review the information on the U of T Safety Abroad website and consult with staff regarding travel safety, immunizations, etc. individually or in special sessions. 

Outside Organizational Forms and Policies:

  • Each organization in the community may have forms and policies relating to confidentialitymedical records and immunizations, along with their own security checkssafety and WHMIS training, etc.  Students must fulfill separate requirements at these organizations.

Police Check with Vulnerable Sector: 

If working with children, the elderly, or in the special needs sector for your placement, you may be required to provide the organization/placement site with a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) or Police Background Check PRIOR to beginning work at the site. 

Depending on where you reside you will need to contact the regional or local police station to obtain the police check.You must also provide proof of residency in the city in which you are requesting the VSC or Police Background Check. 

For Mississauga residents (including out-of-province or international students living in Mississauga) requesting a VSC or Police Background Check from the Peel Regional Police, acceptable items to demonstrate proof of residency include:

  • Bank Statement (with address displayed, issued in the last 30 days)
  • Copy of lease provided by landlord
  • For UTM students living in Residence: a letter confirming residence assignment from Student Housing & Residence Life. Must be over 18-years of age to be issued this letter. 

A form of photo identificaiton will also need to be provided alongside the above items.

If you are an Ontario student who is now residing in Mississauga, it is important to change your address on your Ontario Driver's Licence to reflect any change in residency. This can be done at no cost. 

It is important that a request for a VSC or Police Background Check be made as early as possible, as the process can possibly take a number of weeks to complete.

Select the region or city you in which you live for more information:

Ethics Review: 

Depending on the nature of a project or experience, students will need to familiarize themselves with the rules/regulations of the Ethics Review process for their placement work.


Some internship placements require proof of certain immunizations and TB tests. Policies vary by the placement site. The two-step TB test requires that students make two appointments, two weeks apart with their doctor.  You will be notified and instructed if these tests and immunizations are required. Should you wish to complete these tests at the UTM Health and Counselling Centre, please read the following documents:

  1. Read the Immunization Instructions
  2. Download and fill out the form

Policies and Guidelines:

The Employment Standards Act (ESA) does not apply to an individual who performs work under a program approved by a college of applied arts and technology or a university. This exception exists to encourage employers to provide students enrolled in a college or university program with practical training to complement their classroom learning.