FAQ's for Students

FAQ's for Students

Our office has heard from many of you with questions regarding COVID-19 planning, and how your accessibility related academic accommodations may be impacted by the decision to cancel all in-person undergraduate and research-stream Masters and Doctoral courses and provide teaching by other means (e.g., online).

Please know that our office remains committed to helping you complete your term with as little disruption as possible. Download our new resource, Accessibility Resources for Students in Online Learning. This document discusses the transition from classroom to online learning for our students and provides tips, referral pathways and next steps. 

Below, read our answers to your most frequently asked questions during this time.

These changes will require some adjustments by all members of the campus community (faculty, staff and students). Thank you for your patience and cooperation to find reasonable solutions, given these exceptional circumstances.


Connecting with Accessibility Services

How can I schedule an appointment with my Accessibility Advisor?

  1. by PHONE, through our main office line at: 905-569-4699 – front desk staff are available to answer your calls and help you arrange phone or Microsoft Teams appointments with our advisors. If you reach our voicemail, please leave your full name and phone number to contact you at.
  2. by EMAIL at access.utm@utoronto.ca  


What is a Microsoft Teams appointment?

If you have any questions about using Microsoft Teams for your appointment and would like more information, please contact our Front Desk staff at access.utm@utoronto.ca.


I have submitted an intake package to Accessibility Services, will I still be offered an intake appointment? 

Yes. Intakes will continue to be scheduled for new students over the phone or Microsoft Teams. If you are in the process of registering with our office, you will continue to receive updates about your intake package and registration from our office.


What if I no longer need to register with Accessibility Services, now that my classes are online?

Please contact our Front Desk at access.utm@utoronto.ca to let us know if you would like to pause your registration with our office.


How will I receive my accommodations now that my course is online?

You will still have access to your accommodations as your courses transition to online learning. Based on your specific accommodations, you are encouraged to connect with your Accessibility Advisor, should you have specific questions about how your accommodations will translate to an online learning environment.


What if I no longer need accommodations, now that my classes are online?

As always, accessing your accommodations is your choice. Should you no longer require in-class accommodations, no action is needed on your end. You are encouraged to log on to online classes as outlined by your professor/ faculty.


Can I continue to access peer notetaking?

Yes – our amazing volunteer notetakers have been asked to continue taking notes and uploading them to AIMS as usual.  If you have a questions about the notetaking program or have concerns about your notes, please contact accessvolunteers.utm@utoronto.ca.  


How can I learn more about my options regarding CR/NCR, withdrawing from courses, etc.?

Please refer to the UTM Office of the Registrar’s COVID-19 FAQ regarding your academic options. Please also communicate with your Accessibility Advisor if you have concerns about completing your courses from an accommodations standpoint.


I recently experienced a concussion/head injury, and screen time is challenging for me. What should I do?

If you have not been in touch with your Accessibility Advisor you should do so immediately to discuss alternatives and next steps. Please do not attempt to work online in these circumstances without first discussing this with your advisor.


I regularly use sign language interpreting or have my courses captioned in real time? What should I do now that my courses are online?

If you have not done so, reach out to your advisor immediately to discuss next steps. There are many alternative options for you to access lecture content, but it is important we put these in place immediately.


Tests/ Midterms/ Exams

Am I still able to write my online tests with accommodations?

UTM’s Accessibility Test and Exam Services is still operational and contacting instructors to provide them with student test/exam accommodations for online tests and exams so that that the student will receive their accommodated time.


How will I receive accommodations for my final exams?

Accessibility Services is committed to providing students with the most up-to-date information, as it becomes available. We will continue to update students registered with Accessibility Services regarding next steps for your final exams.


I have accommodations for additional writing time as well as stopped clock breaks – how will this work in an online testing format?

Students who are writing online should note that break time is being added into to your total test writing time. Students are strongly encouraged to use the break time as intended. Quercus will not shut down or ‘time out’ if you step away from your computer during the allotted time for your testing.


How will my instructor know my accommodations online, especially that I require extra time?

So long as you register your tests and final exams with University of Toronto Mississauga’s Accessibility Services, we will forward your accommodations to your instructor.


Has the registration process changed for test/exam registration?

No – you should still register for your tests/exams as usual and do so by the deadlines (14 days or more before a test and by March 20, 2020 for any final exams during the exam period). If you have already submitted a registration to write a test or exam, you don’t need to re-register if it has been moved online. We acknowledge that there are still many decisions being made about the format of final exams – we ask that you still continue to register based on the information that has been provided of the date/time, even though the final format of exams may still be unclear. As information changes, we will update this page with information.

If you have any questions about the final exam process, please contact our Front Desk staff at access.utm@utoronto.ca.


My final exam is no longer showing up on myAIMS. What should I do?

Students should email accessexams.utm@utoronto.ca to discuss this with the Test and Exam Services. In the email, please state if you have received any information from the professor regarding the status of the exam.


I am unsure on how to use Quercus to complete a take-home exam, assignment or online exam.

Please click on the below links for instructions on how to use Quercus to complete an assessment.


I am in the middle of completing my online exam and I am unclear if my extra time accommodation has been calculated correctly on Quercus.

If you have concerns during your exam regarding  your extra time accommodation, please contact your instructor directly.  Please note that your instructor would have notified you in advance as to the best method to reach them.


BSWD Funding

How will online learning affect my BSWD funding/application?

If you have recently submitted a BSWD application (and are waiting for confirmation of approval), UTM students with disabilities can check the status of your application and funding by going to the line online portal listed on the Enrollment Services Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities page.

If you are currently receiving BSWD funding for in-course supports/or other services, please connect with your Accessibility Advisor and Enrollment Services should you have any further questions about your BSWD funding.


Financial Assistance

Please visit the Funding Opportunity Directory website for information on university financial aid supports and federal government programs:



Please visit the following website for information about the UTM undergraduate grant:



For information about emergency grants for graduate students, please visit:



Additional Questions/ Concerns

What should I do if I am feeling sick?

Students should review COVID-19 Absence Declaration in ACORN  for the process to declare illness. For more health and travel-related information and resources go to the University of Toronto Frequently Asked Questions.

These changes will require some adjustments by all members of the campus community (faculty, staff and students). 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation to find reasonable solutions, given these exceptional circumstances.