Research Opportunity Program

Research Opportunity Program

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The Research Opportunity Program (ROP)

We offer undergraduate students the chance to work on cutting edge research; one-on-one with our leading and highly qualified instructors in one of our many departments on campus.

Through the ROP you will gain practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to careers or toward future graduate studies. You will use your experiences to build strong relationships with instructors, learn about exciting new developments in their research field, and explore new areas of interest.

Most importantly, you become involved in hands-on formal research. Now where else would you find practical research training in an undergraduate setting!

To top it all off, if you are successful in gaining a spot in the ROP you will earn 1.0 full course credit upon completion of the course. That's right, not only do you get this fantastic experience under your belt you have it count where it counts - on your transcript!

Be sure to explore the website to gain a better understanding of just what the Research Opportunity Program has to offer the possibilities!

The application/approval process is entirely online. Users log into the ROPAPP using their UTORID to view projects and submit application(s) directly to participating instructors! Click on the ROPAPP link in the menu on the right for more information.

NOTE: Access to the ROPAPP for student applications will begin Wednesday, February 17th, 2016.

Additional Information

♦ Participation in the Research Opportunity Program is on a volunteer basis only, students will not be paid for their participation.

♦ There is a course fee for the ROP, it is the standard fee for a full-year course.

♦ Students are required to submit a Cover Letter & Resume with their application(s).

♦ There is no final exam in this course; however, for most courses, students are expected to keep a journal to record meetings, progress of the project and what was learned about the project, in particular the nature of research in general.

♦ Students are expected to meet regularly with their supervisor, and can be evaluated in other ways deemed suitable by their supervisor.

♦ A general time commitment of 8 to 10 hours per week is required.

♦ Departments participating in this program will have a "_99Y" designation after their department code for this course (i.e. CHM299Y; BIO399Y).

About the Process
*Faculty members interested in participating are required to submit their ROP project propoal(s) using the ROPAPP no later than February 12th 2016.

*Descriptions of the ROP Projects for 2016-2017 will be available through the ROPAPP as of February 17th, 2016.

*Students will be notified via email the status of their submitted applications.

*Students will not be permitted to accept more than one ROP course, per academic session. Each course will bear the three-letter designator of the sponsoring program (i.e. ENG399Y5; SOC399Y5; etc.).

**** NEW DEADLINE - Deadline to submit applications for the 2016-2017 ROP season (Summer 2016 and Fall/Winter 2016-17) is: Friday FEBRUARY 26TH, 2016. NOTE: The ROPAPP will close to student application submission as of 11:59pm on the deadline date. 

*Only successful students will be automatically registered in their ROP course during the normal registration period for the Summer and Fall/Winter.



For More Information About the ROP:


Office of the Registrar, Academic Advisors

♦ To discuss your Program/Degree requirements and whether or not the ROP is the right fit for you.

For information about the Research Opportunity Program on the St. George campus please visit:

**NEW** Catherine Laroche-Boisvert
Office of the Dean, Room 3201E, Davis

Phone: (905) 828-5295