Course Instructor / Sessional Lecturer Postings

For information on the positions that have been filled, please refer to our list of Current Courses.

For information on the  "Course Equivalents"and "Exclusion Equivalent Courses" offered at MCS, UTM, please click here and here.

Please Note: 

Sessional Lecturer positions are for anybody outside of University who are qualified to teach.

Course Instructor positions are for students and postdoctoral fellows of  the University who are qualified to teach.


Computer Science


There are no positions open in Computer Science currently.






There are no positios open in Mathematics currently.







We have one EMERGENCY Sessional Lecturer position in Statistics available for Summer 2018 session. For details please click here.

The dealine for applying is Wednesday, A[ril 25, 2018.









Continuously Posted Notice - Unit 3 Hiring


When there are no openings for Sessional Lecturers, to be added to our continuous pool of candidates, please send your CV and any other relevant information at