Computer Science

Computer Science as a discipline encompasses a wide range of research interests. Examples include the design and implementation of computer programming languages, the design and organization of complex computer systems, the efficient allocation and use of computer resources under various constraints, and the organization and management of vast quantities of data typical in many business applications.

Computer Graphics is the study of the application of computers to the analysis and generation of pictorial information.

Theoretical interests in Computer Science include the study of computability (what can and cannot be computed by machines), complexity (the relative effort required to perform various computations) and verification (the formal proof of the correctness of programs).

Artificial Intelligence research in Computer Science is concerned with using computers to simulate intelligent behaviour, with the development of programs that can process pictorial and linguistic data, prove theorems and solve problems.

Numerical Analysis is concerned with the design, testing and analysis of numerical methods for solving computational problems in science and engineering.

Course offerings in Computer Science are intended to serve a wide variety of students, ranging from those whose primary interest is in information processing to those interested in applying computers to other fields.

The Specialist in Information Security is a Computer Science program that includes courses in all the major aspects of information and computer security.  We have courses giving an overview of the field, as well as in-depth courses in the systems, number theory and computation complexity aspects of computer security.