MCS Research Opportunity Grant

The Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (MCS) provides graduate students funding to pursue and expand their field of research.

Student Eligibility
The fund is open to all research stream graduate students (Masters and PhD) who are affiliated at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) and are supervised by an MCS faculty member.
To be appropriately identified in ROSI as 'UTM affiliated', students need to complete and submit the Campus Affiliation form on the SGS website.

Grant Purpose & Timing
The MCS Research Opportunity Grant (ROG) will allow graduate students to pursue independent research in their field of interest. Ideally graduate students will work collaboratively on projects, with other students within the department, in other departments at UofT and UTM or with external graduate students at other institutions involved in the same area of research. All research projects must be approved by the graduate student’s supervisor.
Students are expected to submit a short paper and present their findings to a group of their peers at the conclusion of their research.
The granting year runs from May 1st - April 30th and students may be awarded up to a maximum of $2,500 per grant. Any unused balances will be returned to the funding pool at the end of each granting year. All such requests are at the sole discretion of the Chair.

Application Process & Deadlines
Interested applicants must submit the following items to the Jessica Bailey ( Deadline to apply is April 1st.

  1. MCS Research Opportunity Grant application
  2. A proposal outlining:
    • a brief summary of the research to be conducted,
    • how the work will fit into your area of study, and
    • potential opportunities for collaboration and how they will be fostered
  3. Proposed budget
  4. Support letter from your research supervisor

All completed applications will be reviewed by the adjudicating committee. If the total sum of grant requests exceeds the allowable funding, priority will be given to:

  1. Applicants who have not received this funding in previous years;
  2. Applicants who have a clear justification for their proposed research in terms of the research application to their area of study, collaborative opportunities, and a well developed budget

Expense Eligibility & Reimbursement
Expense reimbursement claims must be in accordance with the Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses - Policies and Guidelines at University of Toronto. For a quick reference list for expense reimbursements, please follow this check list.

Students must submit an expense reimbursement claim for the eligible research expenses incurred. The claim must be supported by 1) approved MCS Research Opportunity Grant application form, 2) original receipts/proof of payment, and 3) the record of completion. Detailed instructions on how to claim an expense reimbursement are available on the UofT Financial Services website.

Please submit your completed expense reimbursement claim form and the supporting documents (i.e., original receipt/proof of payment) to the Finance Officer, Alice Yang at processing.