MCS Graduate Open Access Grant

The Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (MCS) provides graduate students with funding to support the cost of publication fees that require open access.

Student Eligibility
The open access grant is open to all research stream graduate students (Masters and PhD) who are affiliated at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) and are supervised by a MCS faculty member.

To be appropriately identified in ROSI as 'UTM affiliated', students need to complete and submit the Campus Affiliation form on the SGS website.

Grant Purpose
The purpose of this grant is to defray the cost of publication fees (up to $1,000) for papers that require open access for graduate students and their supervisors. This support is made available one time only for graduate students for their first published paper.

Note: The graduate student must be the first author for the published paper.

Open access grant requests are subject to Chair's approval. Open access grant requests will be awarded to all eligible applications if the allotted funding for the granting year has not been exhausted.

Please check with Jessica Bailey ( to confirm available funding.

Expense Eligibility & Reimbursement
The funds (up to $1,000) will be transferred to the PI account where the open access fees were initially charged.

Alternatively, the support can be disbursed through the expense reimbursement process if the fee was paid out of pocket through a personal credit card.

Expense reimbursement claims must be in accordance with the Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses - Policies and Guidelines at University of Toronto. For a quick reference list for expense reimbursements, please follow this check list.

Please submit your completed expense reimbursement claim form and the supporting documents (i.e., original receipt/proof of payment) to the Financial Officer, Alice Yang (, for processing.