Course Substitutes

These tables indicate which U of T Arts & Science (St. George) and U of T Scarborough (UTSC) courses are *exclusions* to the listed UTM courses. In addition, for each row of the tables below, the St. George and UTSC courses listed will be accepted *at UTM* in place of the listed UTM course. However, the reverse is not true: St. George and UTSC may not accept the listed UTM course as an equivalent.

Be sure to check St. George or UTSC pre/co-requisites before enrolling in courses at another division/campus, as they may differ from similar courses offered at UTM.

UTM Courses Possible St. George Substitute Possible UTSC Substitute Possible UTM Economics Substitute
STA220H5 STA220H1 STAB22H3  
STA221H5 STA221H1 STAB27H3 ECO220Y5(=STA220H5+STA221H5)
STA256H5 STA257H1 STAB52H3  
STA258H5 STA248H1*   ECO227Y5(=STA256H5+STA258H5)
STA260H5 STA261H1* STAB57H3  
STA302H5 STA302H1 STAC67H3  
STA304H5 STA304H1    
STA305H5 STA305H1    
STA314H5 STA314H1    
STA348H5 STA347H1 STAC63H3  
STA360H5 STA365H1    
STA413H5 STA422H1; STA452H1 STAC58H3  
STA437H5 STA437H1 STAD37H3  
STA441H5 STA442H1    
STA457H5 STA457H1 STAD57H3  

*STA248H1 and STA261H1 are exclusive to each other, you can only take one of the these two courses.

UTM Courses Possible St. George Substitute Possible UTSC Substitute
CSC104H5 CSC104H1  
CSC108H5 CSC108H1; CSC120H1 CSCA08H3; CSCA20H3
CSC148H5* CSC148H1 CSCA48H3
CSC207H5 CSC207H1 CSCB07H3
CSC209H5 CSC209H1 CSCB09H3
CSC236H5 CSC236H1; CSC240H1 CSCB36H3
CSC258H5 CSC258H1 CSCB58H3
CSC263H5 CSC263H1; CSC265H1 CSCB63H3
CSC290H5 CSC290H1  
CSC300H5 CSC300H1 CSCD03H3
CSC301H5 CSC301H1 CSCC01H3
CSC309H5 CSC309H1 CSCC09H3
CSC310H5 CSC310H1  
CSC311H5/CSC411H5 CSC311H1; CSC411H1 CSCC11H3
CSC318H5 CSC318H1 CSCC10H3
CSC320H5 CSC320H1  
CSC324H5 CSC324H1 CSCC24H3
CSC338H5 CSC336H1; CSC350H1; CSC351H1 CSCC37H3
CSC343H5 CSC343H1 CSCC43H3
CSC358H5 CSC358H1; CSC457H1  
CSC363H5 CSC463H1 CSCC63H3
CSC367H5 CSC367H1  
CSC369H5 CSC369H1 CSCC69H3
CSC373H5 CSC373H1; CSC375H1 CSCC73H3
CSC384H5 CSC384H1 CSCD84H3
CSC404H5 CSC404H1  
CSC413H5/CSC321H5 CSC321H1;CSC413H1; CSC421H1  
CSC420H5 CSC420H1  
CSC448H5 CSC448H1  
CSC458H5 CSC458H1 CSCD58H3
CSC469H5 CSC469H1  
CSC488H5 CSC488H1  
CSC490H5 CSC490H1; CSC491H1  
CSC492H5 CSC494H1; CSC495H1 CSCD94H3; CSCD95H3
CSC493H5 CSC494H1; CSC495H1 CSCD94H3; CSCD95H3

* Only CSC148H5, taken at the UTM campus, will be accepted for the purposes of Computer Science program enrolment.


UTM Courses Possible St. George Substitute Possible UTSC Substitute
MAT102H5** MAT138H1; MAT246H1; CSC165H1 CSCA67H3
MAT133Y5 MAT133Y1 MATA32H3 + MATA33H3*
MAT132H5 MAT135H1 MATA30H3; MATA29H3
MAT134H5 MAT136H1 MATA36H3; MATA35H3
MAT135H5 MAT135H1 MATA30H3
MAT136H5 MAT136H1 MATA36H3
MAT137H5 MAT137Y1 MATA31H3
MAT139H5 MAT137Y1 MATA37H3
MAT137H5 + MAT139H5


MAT157H5 MAT157Y1  
MAT159H5 MAT157Y1  
MAT157H5 + MAT159H5 MAT157Y1  
MAT202H5 APM461H1; MAT332H1 MATC44H3
MAT223H5 MAT223H1 MATA22H3; MATA23H3
MAT224H5 MAT224H1 MATB24H3
MAT232H5 MAT235Y1; MAT237Y1 MATB41H3
MAT233H5 MAT235Y1; MAT237Y1 MATB41H3
MAT236H5 MAT235Y1; MAT237Y1 MATB42H3
MAT232H5/233H5 + MAT236H5 MAT235Y1; MAT237Y1  
MAT240H5 MAT240H1  
MAT244H5 MAT244H1; MAT267H1 MATB44H3
MAT247H5 MAT247H1  
MAT257Y5 MAT257Y1  
MAT301H5 MAT301H1; MAT347Y1 MATC01H3
MAT302H5   MATD16H3
MAT307H5 MAT363H1; MAT367H1 MATC63H3; MATD26H3; MATD67H3
MAT309H5 MAT309H1; CSC438H1; MAT409H1;  MAT357Y1 MATC09H3
MAT311H5 APM346H1; APM351Y1; MAT267H1*; MAT351Y1 MATC46H3; MATD46H3*
MAT315H5 MAT315H1 MATC15H3
MAT322H5 JMB170Y1* MATC58H3
MAT332H5 MAT335H1 MATC35H3
MAT334H5 MAT334H1; MAT354H1 MATC34H3
MAT337H5 MAT337H1;MAT357H1 MATB43H3; MATC37H3
MAT344H5 MAT344H1 MATC44H3
MAT354H5 MAT354H1 MATD34H3
MAT382H5 MAT329Y1 MATC82H3
MAT392H5 MAT382H1  
MAT401H5 MAT347Y1; MAT401H1 MATD01H3
MAT402H5 MAT402H1 MATD02H3
MAT405H5 MAT327H1 MATC27H3
MAT406H5   MATD50H3
  • ** Only MAT102H5, taken at the UTM campus, will be accepted for the purposes of Computer Science program enrolment. 
  • * Note that MATA32H3 & MATA33H3 at U of T Scarborough have been retired as of Fall/Winter 2023-2024. 

Last updated 26-Sep-23

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