Why MCS?

MCS combines the beauty, innovation, and power of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics to stimulate your mind, explore abstract concepts, and solve real-world problems. Our unique blend of programs equips you with the analytical skills needed today in a technology-driven world.

MCS offers more than you can imagine.

Award-Winning Faculty

Our faculty bring knowledge and experience from diverse backgrounds and engage in innovative pedagogical research and curriculum initiatives to enhance student learning.

We believe in collaboration as a catalyst for new ideas and scientific advancement. That's why we enjoy working with a range of institutions and departments across the U of T Campus and beyond.

Career-Focused Programs

MCS programs provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their chosen field, or in the pursuit of further education.

Your learning will be supported by the dedicated faculty and staff in MCS and the wider UTM community to help you reach your full potential.

Embracing Technology

Popular with all MCS students, our first-year computer programming course introduces students to the foundations of computer science while allowing them to develop essential programming skills by learning popular programming languages like Python, Java, R, and C#.

Diverse Student Body

After completing your first year, you'll be asked to confirm what programs you wish to study. Your chosen programs of study at UTM can be combined in unique ways to obtain your U of T degree.

Because of this, MCS students learn with and from other UTM students with different interests and perspectives, reflective of the society we live in today.

Personalization and Flexibility

We offer students a diverse range of courses, experiential learning opportunities, and the opportunity to work with our award-winning faculty.

Your program can be enriched with self-selected independent study, reading, or research project courses. Or through participation in UTM’s Research Opportunity Program (ROP) or the co-op/internship program (UTMCIP).

Convenience and Accessibility

Located in Deerfield Hall on a beautiful campus surrounded by forests, MCS is within walking distance to new state-of-the-art facilities such as the Library and the Recreation and Wellness Centre (RAWC) and the campus transit hub to surrounding communities and the St. George campus.