What is Bioinformatics?

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary science that combines Biology, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Bioinformatics is the managing of large amounts of biological information generated from research using advanced computational methods/programs. This program is offered as a Specialist only.

What does Bioinformatics entail?

The program includes various courses in genetics and molecular biology which will put into context the vast amounts of genomic data nad how it is isolated, sequenced and analyzed.  Furthermore, the computer science courses will give you the foundation to write your own computer programs as needed to analyze large amounts of data that would not be able to be done by hand in a timely manner. This program also provides a solid foundation in mathematics and statistics that will also help you to design and analyze experiments.

Where is Bioinformatics used?

Bioinformatics is used in research that looks at the genetic make up of an entire organism.  Some of its many applications are in medicine or biology.