First Year Information

MAT102H5 - This course is required for students who wish to take higher level Mathematics and Computer Science courses. It bridges the gap between high school and university mathematics by introducing students to the techniques of theorem proving.

MAT133Y5 - This is calculus and linear algebra for students committed to the Commerce Program. It cannot be used as a prerequisite for any other math course and counts as a Social Science distribution credit, not a Science distribution credit. (Students in Commerce or Economics who want to do a Major or Minor in a mathematical subject should take MAT135Y5 instead of MAT133Y5.)

MAT132H5 and MAT134H5 (replace MAT134Y5) - These two courses are designed for students in Biology. The applications of calculus considered in these courses are primarily in the life sciences. Students who subsequently become interested in further study in Mathematics may use these courses instead of MAT135 and MAT136H5 for prerequisite purposes.

MAT135H5 and MAT136H5 (replace MAT135Y5) - These are the standard courses taken by most first year UofTM students. Applications of calculus to all the sciences and within mathematics are studied. Large lecture sections are complemented by small tutorial groups.

MAT137Y5 and MAT157Y5 - These courses are for students who know when they enter university that they wish to study Mathematics or Computer Science (including Bioinformatics).  Students in Statistics or Physics or Economics who are mathematically inclined will also enjoy these courses.  For programs in the mathematical sciences, you can choose either one of these courses.  MAT137Y5 emphasizes geometry and physical intuition but also give attention to the theoretical foundations of calculus.  MAT157Y5 is the more challenging course of the two; it offers the mathematical rigour, depth, and advanced thinking that are required for advanced studies in mathematics. Students who might consider pursuing graduate studies in mathematics in the future are most strongly advised to take MAT157Y5. Others who are up for the challenge may wish to take MAT157Y5 to enjoy the beauty of its theoretical approach.