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Academic Integrity:

Where can I find out more information about Academic Integrity?

You can visit the UTM Academic Integrity Unit website for more information.

Missed Tests and Assignments:

What do I do if I miss a test or assignment in my ARA/CHI/EDS/FRE/FSL/GER/HIN/ITA/LAT/LIN/SPA/SAN/URD course?

Please visit the Special Consideration page for instructions if you missed a test/term work.


I want to take a course but I do not have the pre-requisite. Can I contact the instructor or petition to take the course without the prerequisite?

Do not email the instructor of the course or the Department Chair. The department sets the prerequisite requirements to ensure that the students enrolled possess the necessary background knowledge essential for the course. If students do not have the prerequisites for a course, they must submit a Prerequisite Waiver Form prior to the first week of classes.

I’ve been removed from a course because I do not have the pre-requisite. I heard that some students can take a course without the pre-requisite. Is this true?

No, this is not true. See above.

Blocked Enrolment:

I was trying to enroll in a course (e.g. LIN228H5F) but it says that my enrolment is blocked when I put it into my enrolment cart. Would you be able to tell me why?

This is not an error. There is a reason you are blocked and this information can be found on the UTM timetable. It has information about who is allowed to enrol in a course and when. In some cases, priority is given to students who require this course (e.g. LIN228H5F) to fulfill program requirements. These students are given the choice to enrol in this course first so that they are not wait listed. If you are not active in one of the programs that require this course, you will not be allowed to enrol in it until a later date.

Check the "Enrolment Controls" section (in red) under your course to see why you are blocked and at what date you may be able to enrol.

Departmental Approval:

I enrolled in a 100- and/or 200-level ARA/CHI/URD/HIN course (e.g. CHI103H5F) but my enrollment status is INT (not APP). Would you be able to tell me why?

Department approval is required. Students enrolling in an ARA, CHI, HIN or URD course for the first time must complete a language assessment.

Some EDS courses require specific pre-approvals in order to enter the experiential learning courses, such as EDS325H5, EDS377H5, and EDS388H5.  Please see the Academic Advisor for Education Studies for further information.  

Course Contact:

I want to contact the instructor of my course. Where can I obtain their contact information?

Your instructor’s contact information can be found on the course syllabus (available on Quercus and/or https://student.utm.utoronto.ca/timetable/).

Course Selection:

Which courses should I take for an EDS/FRE/FSL/ITA/LIN/LTL specialist, major or minor program?

Please visit the Academic Calendar for more information about program requirements:

EDS minor
FRE specialist, major and minor
ITA specialist, major and minor
LIN major and minor
LTL specialist

If you have questions feel free to contact the Undergraduate Counsellor.


Which FRE/FSL/ITA/LIN courses at the St. George campus (UTSG) would be acceptable for my program at UTM?

Students should consult with the UTM Language Coordinator or the Undergraduate Counsellor prior to enrolling in UTSG/UTSC courses.


I would like to take a CHI, ARA, SPA, URD or HIN course. How will I know which course level to choose appropriate for my language level?

 Before enrolling in a language course for the first time, please complete a Language Course Assessment Questionnaire to determine your language level.


I would like to enroll in a French course. How will I know which course to choose appropriate for my language level?

To determine your appropriate language level in French, you must complete an online French Placement Test.

Advising and Petitions:

How do I make an appointment to see the Department of Language Studies’ Undergraduate Counsellor or the Education Studies Academic Advisor?

The best way to make an appointment with the Undergraduate Counsellor and/or the Education Studies Academic Advisor is to send an email request. Visit the Contact Us page on our website for more information.


I obtained information on possible career paths or graduate school related to Linguistics, French, Italian, Education Studies or Language Teaching and Learning. How can I get more information?

We encourage students to review the Program Plans. In addition, students can also get detailed information at the UTM Career Centre or contact their Program Coordinator.

Prospective Students:

Can I petition a language assessment/placement decision?

Language Assessment/Placement results are not petitionable. Assessments are final.