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The Department of Language Studies is excited to introduce new Language Teaching & Learning courses for an upcoming academic year!

LTL100H5 • Introduction to Language Teaching, Learning and Assessment

This course provides students with foundational knowledge and skills for the study of second language teaching, learning, and assessment. Students will learn to describe language structure and use including among learners, identify major phenomena of non-native language learning, and discuss principles and best practices in second language teaching and assessment.

LTL399H5 • Research Opportunity Program

This course provides senior undergraduate students who have developed some knowledge of research methods used in the discipline of Language Teaching and Learning to work in the research project of a U of T Mississauga professor for course credit. Enrolled students have the opportunity to become involved in original research, develop their research skills, and share in the excitement and discovery of acquiring new knowledge. Project descriptions for participating faculty members for the following summer, fall, or winter sessions are posted on the ROP website in mid-February and students are invited to apply at that time. See Experiential and International Opportunities for more details.