Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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If you have questions regarding COVID-19, visit COVID-19 FAQ.

Academic Integrity:

Where can I find out more information about Academic Integrity?

You can visit the UTM Academic Integrity Unit website for more information.

Missed Tests and Assignments:

What do I do if I miss a test or assignment in my course (must be a course offered by Department of Language Studies course)?

Please review the course syllabus (available on Quercus and/or Timetable Builder). Please also visit the Special Consideration page for further information.


I want to take a course but I do not have the prerequisite. Can I contact the instructor or petition to take the course without the prerequisite?

Do not email the instructor of the course or the Department Chair. The department sets the prerequisite requirements to ensure that the students enrolled possess the necessary background knowledge essential for the course. If students do not have the prerequisites for a course, they must submit a Prerequisite Waiver Request Form prior to the first week of classes, explaining how their prior academic experience has prepared them to take the course in the absence of the listed prerequisites.

Blocked Enrolment:

I was trying to enroll in a course (e.g., LIN228H5F) but it says that my enrolment is blocked when I put it into my enrolment cart. Why is my enrolment blocked?

Enrolment may be blocked due to enrolment controls (check the "Enrolment Controls" for the course on Timetable Builder). For example, priority may be given to students who require the course (e.g., LIN228H5F) to fulfill program requirements; non-program students can enrol in the course at a later date.

Departmental Approval:

I enrolled in a 100- and/or 200-level language course (e.g., CHI103H5F), but my enrollment status is "INT" (not "APP"). Why is this?

Department approval is required.

Students enrolling in a UTM language course for the first time must complete a language assessment questionnaire in order to determine the appropriate language-level course. 

Course Contact:

I want to contact the instructor of my course. Where can I obtain their contact information?

Your instructor’s contact information should be found on the course syllabus (available on Quercus and/or Timetable Builder). Our instructors' contact information is also listed under "Faculty and Staff" on our website.

Course Selection:

Which courses should I take for my program?

Please visit the Academic Calendar for more information about program requirements.

Please also visit the relevant section of our department website.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.


Which FRE/FSL/ITA/LIN courses at the St. George campus (UTSG) would be acceptable for my program at UTM?

Students should consult with the relevant DLS Undergraduate Program Coordinator or contact us before enrolling in any UTSG/UTSC courses to inquire whether these courses may be counted towards fulfilment of UTM program requirements.


I would like to enroll in a French course. How will I know which course is appropriate for my language level?

If you are enrolling in a UTM French course for the first time, you must complete an online French Placement Test, regardless of any prior experience with French, to determine your appropriate language level in French. Failure to complete the test may result in removal from your FSL/FRE course.


I would like to take another language course (e.g., Arabic). How will I know which course is appropriate for my language level?

Before enrolling in a language course for the first time, please complete the relevant Language Course Assessment Questionnaire to determine your language level.



I've taken a look at the course and program requirements and I still have questions. Who can I talk to?

We're happy to assist you. Please visit the Contact Us page to book an appointment.


How can I get more information on possible career paths or graduate studies in Linguistics, French, Italian, Education Studies, Language Teaching and Learning, or Chinese?

We encourage students to review our program plans. In addition, students can also get detailed information under the UTM Career Centre's "Careers by Major". Additional resources are available here. 

Prospective Language Students:

Can I petition a language assessment/placement decision?

Language Assessment/Placement results are not petitionable. Assessments are final.