Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Language Studies at the University of Toronto Mississauga, home to transformative university experiences within academic programs and courses focused on research and engaging experiential learning opportunities. We study language, its structure, its variation and change, its acquisition, its processing, its teaching, its semantic and cultural representations, as well as various aspects of its expression such as literature, poetry, speech signal, machine learning, machine-to-human communication and translation. Language is a key factor in our cultures and identities, and through research, innovation and the teaching and learning of skills, language allows for the creation of successful economies and communities. The study of language is fundamental in achieving optimal communication amongst those who make up the multicultural tapestry of our communities and the core of our social, political and economic systems.

Our programs are a fine blend of research, innovative pedagogy and experiential learning

Our Department offers trans-disciplinary programming that involves international language education (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Persian, Sanskrit, Spanish, and Urdu) along with key academic programs in the areas of Chinese Language and Culture (Minor), Education Studies (Minor), English Linguistics (Minor), French Studies (Minor, Major and Specialist), Italian Studies (Minor, Major and Specialist), Language Teaching and Learning (Specialist and Combined Specialist) and Linguistic Studies (Minor and Major). These programs are supported by the outstanding research of our faculty, and they connect well with studies in anthropology, commerce, communication, computer science, international affairs, management, philosophy, professional writing, political science, psychology, teacher education and sociology.

Research has consistently found that the most successful students are those who take an active role in their own learning, both within and outside the traditional classroom setting. We offer experiential learning opportunities (internships, facilitated study groups, peer mentoring, tutoring, study abroad, research assistantships, etc.) that support and enhance students’ academic development. The supportive attitude of our faculty and staff provides students with effective learning opportunities and a positive university experience that in turn instills confidence, responsibility and personal growth.

We are different, and community engagement matters to us

Other distinctive features of the Department include new initiatives on global fluency, global leadership, and cultural understanding to promote equity, diversity and inclusion. Our Learning Academy programs offer language training in both French and English to domestic and international High School students, as well as to local partners through our Community Outreach Program in Language Education (COuPLE). We are engaged with local communities to strengthen our social impact, and we remain in touch with our alumni, partners, friends, supporters and donors. Together, we pledge to promote cultural diversity, global fluency and cultural understanding for a more open, mindful, inclusive, harmonious and successful society.

Whether you are a student or a visitor browsing, come and get to know us better; we welcome you to our events and look forward to connecting with you. Comments, suggestions and ideas are always welcome


Salvatore Bancheri

Interim Chair, Department of Language Studies