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Welcome to the Department of Language Studies at UTM! 

The Department of Language Studies (DLS) at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) stands as one of the largest language departments among Ontario universities, both in terms of number of faculty as well as program enrolment. The undergraduate programs offered by DLS cover a diverse range, including major/specialists in French Studies, Italian Studies and Linguistics, in addition to minors in these areas as well as Chinese Language and Culture, Education Studies, and Global Leadership. Students also have the opportunity to take courses in various languages such as Arabic, German, Hindi, Persian, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Spanish, and Urdu.

DLS actively contributes to creating a rigorous academic environment, conducting world-class research, fostering community involvement through experiential learning, educating future leaders, and promoting transformation and innovation. Focused on success in a global context, the department promotes linguistic knowledge, communicative competence, pedagogical skills, cultural awareness, and critical thinking.

The department's commitment to research is reflected in its faculty's high participation rates in tri-agency awards. Alongside scholarly achievements, DLS boasts award-winning teachers recognized with teaching excellence awards.

The department's structure revolves around three interconnected research and teaching areas: Linguistics, Literary, Media and Cultural Studies, and Language Teaching, Learning & Assessment. These areas represent the breadth and depth of language studies programming at UTM, offering students clear pathways for engaging in the study of language. 

Programs to Pursue

The Department of Language Studies is renowned for its programs in: 

Additionally, any student at UTM can enroll and attain a Certificate in Global Perspectives by following a required set of courses. Upon completion of these courses, students will earn a “Global Scholar” notation on their transcript.

Students completing language courses may also be eligible for a language citation.

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