Education Studies

Education Studies Minor - ERMIN0605  New as of 2015-16!

This Minor is for students interested in broadening their understanding of education and training. Through the Minor, they will develop leadership skills as they participate in field placements, community engagement activities, training opportunities and case studies; and will come to understand the importance of inclusivity/diversity both within an instructional framework and the community. Courses cover topics such as equity and diversity, communication and conflict resolution, instructional strategies, teaching methodologies, andragogy/pedagogy, child and adolescent development, learning design, and education within a global context. Complementing these foundational courses are education-related and interdisciplinary course offerings. Experiential learning is embedded within the program’s courses and enables students to implement reflective practice based upon inquiry-based research, data gathering and assessment.

This program of study develops transferrable skills benefitting a variety of careers that involve educating or training others. Those interested in pursuing a career in teaching may wish to apply to a consecutive initial teaching program or a graduate program in education upon completion of their undergraduate degree. Completion of this minor does not qualify a graduate for certification through the Ontario College of Teachers. 

Students can apply to the Education Studies Minor on ROSI after completion of 4.0 credits and obtaining a minimum CGPA of 2.7. 

It is strongly recommended that students interested in pursuing teacher training speak with the Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor in advance of applying to the Education Studies Minor. Such students should be aware of requirements related to teachable subjects. Further information regarding teaching subjects and specific requirements can be found through an accredited Faculty of Education.  

For more information about the program please contact:

Prof. Liz Coulson
Education Studies Program Coordinator
Office:  Room 4184, Maanjiwe nendamowinan Building
Tel:  (905) 330-3734

Carly Prusky, Undergraduate Program Assitant (Education Studies)
Office: Room 4108, Maanjiwe nendamowinan Building
Tel: (905) 569-4321

Belinda Grayburn (On leave)
Education Studies Academic Advisor and Project Coordinator
Office: Room 4108, Maanjiwe nendamowinan Building
Tel: (905) 569-4321

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