Education Studies

Education Studies Minor - ERMIN0605 

Education Studies (EDS) students are leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, curriculum developers, and human-right advocates. They are change-makers who understand the power of community and the need for sustainable solutions. 

Geared to students interested in broadening their understanding of education and training, EDS graduates gain invaluable experience in areas such as teaching, facilitation, instructional design, equity & inclusion, conflict management, Ed-psych, indigenous education, global education, action research and design thinking. 

Completing over 160 hours of internship and field placements both locally and abroad, EDS students are globally minded, social innovators ready to meet present and future challenges with empathy and creativity.

EDS believes education is:

Interdisciplinary: Education is a multifaceted, complex process with competing interests and needs requiring inclusive pedagogical practice, policy, and learning initiatives.

Informed: Learning is a dynamic process that needs to be evidence-based and data-driven.

Innovative: Education must adapt itself to changing needs, different contexts, and emerging opportunities.

Involved: the ability to learn and teach is vital for solving today’s complex problems

Education Minor Pathways

Educator stream: Grounds educational practice in theory
Activist stream: Uses education as a catalyst for social change
Innovator stream: Applies educational principles to disrupt current practice
Teacher, Policy Maker, Corporate Trainer, Educational WriterSocial Work, Lobbyist, Politician, Environmentalist, LawyerEntrepreneur, Game Designer, Engineer,
Health Care Worker

EDS Minor Post-graduate Pathways

Master and Bachelor degrees in teacher education, Master of Business & Entrepreneurship, Law, Master in Community Engagement, Master and PhD in Education, specializing in virtual learning, curriculum design, leadership, and counselling. 

Apply to the Education Minor

Students can apply to the Education Studies Minor on ROSI after completion of 4.0 credits and obtaining a minimum GPA of 2.5. 

Further information about teaching subjects can be found through an accredited Faculty of Education.

Connect with us:

Education Studies Program Coordinator
Prof. Mihaela Pirvulescu
Office:  Room 4140, Maanjiwe nendamowinan Building


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